Aloha ku’u lei  (hälts bday special💚) 

Sometimes we confuse the moon with the finger pointing at it – Eastern wisdom 

Life is a journey. There are some thinkers who believe they can break it down into a simple model, we travel from point a to b, in an effort to continue moving forward from what can be perceived as an unbearable present and a desirable future. This is rather simplistic notion, as there is also the possibility of a spiritual path, one who walks the middle path, aware that there is a mind and whose chatter can lead us to do things seemingly unconsciously, making choices for us all the while missing the magic of the moment. This isn’t some hippie jippie, yes I made that word up, this is the truth that life is beyond the package, magic exists, omnipresent, whether we choose to see it or not. The thing is, it cannot be explained in words, period. Yes there is power of thought, it is an integral part of being human, so is the magic, and has been part of us tens of thousands of years that we know about, probably more, what’s a number, it’s ancient, we can try to think our way out of things, isn’t it funny when things do work out, we are elated and forget that we were in an unbearable moment thinking the worst, this is unexplainable, neuropsychology, neuroscience, …, all try to explain through experiments, statistics, pictures and graphs, that persuade us the viewer to believe whatever they want us to believe, yes that’s it….wait, why? Life is hard! Yes it is if you follow the conditioned thought patterns, when you open up to other possibilities, the universe opens up, doesn’t mean it does it for you, you have have to put in the work, so it goes. Have a great day🌞

here is a nice group of images and a special minimotion honouring my friends who put on a movie night at my local coffee shop, followed by my art, see captions for details💚

🍍The healer print for sale on Mahaloness Etsy, click here💚

‘into the night’ minimotion by hälts soundscape ‘howl wolf’

the healer 🌿 hälts acrylic painting, follow the link above, order your very own print on my Mahaloness Etsy shop💚 or leave me a message! Automatic💚
‘pride’ acrylic and gold leaf painting made at a live art event in 2007
hälts hybrid art and planning stage for a new painting, always something on the drawing board, life of an artist…
‘the Shalu kid’ hälts watercolour WIP collab with my friend Pazu from Tibet💠
Tofino, BC pure magic
‘morning haiku’ hälts watercolour commission work 💚

hälts ‘portrait fit he artist’

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