Hälts ?

My art is a playground for your imagination.

A space where I invite you the viewer to free the mind

To let thoughts drift as clouds in a pale blue sky

Ground and Collect yourself

Let life be.

Once there, you’ll discover a bridge

That you are free to cross

And I will meet you

Somewhere in between.

 I currently reside in the East Kootenay, British Columbia, Canada. Fuelled by my inner spirit, I live the art life. I dance in-between the ‘real world’ and imagination, documentary and surreal, analog and digital, memory and dreams, and from one medium to another. I have a distinctive style, that I developed through an intuitive process. The key to my success is to be in flow, total fluidity, and an openness to possibility. I am currently working on new media, including digital cinematography, soundscape design, and crypto ART. Opening new doors of creative exploration is always exciting. Hälts ART is earth-centric, and promotes peace, stewardship and interconnectedness; the antithesis of division. The Art Gallery section will be dynamic, with different artworks and media flowing in and out.  Please enjoy the site and I do recommend exploring my links.  Thank you for your support, it really makes my day when a connection is made. Aloha from the heart, Hälts

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