A smile away

To Molly,
I realize that you come from a place of love, I do too, I choose to live this life, I don’t want to be anything other than what I am, and I will succeed and I hope your worry will be set free. I am a loving and caring, you raised me and I have also grown and developed who I am, on my own, and perhaps there have been some rough sections, there have, I have good friends around me and that is something great in my life, who see the merit of my work and encourage me to continue and carry on. I have learned very big and rather hard lessons, that have made me stronger, and that I am getting through, it has prepared me for what’s to come, and if I make the same mistakes than it is a choice and one that I can only blame myself for. I know I am naturally gifted, it is a gift that some want and don’t have, and that’s why I share it, because it does make people smile inside and out, and it is going return the hard work I have dedicated to it, and that is something of a good point, my dedication to my craft, my discipline and integrity, and my beautiful mind, which it is, and it is through art that I am able to express and share this, and in doing so I am in service to my fellow man, even if there have been those who took advantage, their karma will catch up to them, my purpose is to be a loving, caring and graceful human being, that is my aim, to be peaceful, and work with masters, which is why I am going to go to Katmandu, so I can work with a master painter and grow and nurture my goodness and let the negative go, it can flow away like a river heading to the ocean, it can fly away with the wind, and I will climb a mountain and I will see where I have been, and where it is I am going, and than I will soar, because the sky is the limit, there is nothing stopping me, there is no can’t, there is only the possible, and turning potential into kinetic, action, and I will, and I will make you so proud, that you will cry tears of joy, and your heart will sing, that’s what life is about, the joy of living, for to conquer fear, I am only a smile away.
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