A pictures silence

Even though an image may conjure up an array of experience, the image itself is silent. This is interesting considering nearly all the work I make is made listening to the music or in some kind of busy, social environment. The sound I listen to really does enhance emotion, as well I find my concentration is heightened, the outside world melts away, and I think this is reflected in my output. I often wonder what the image conjures in the mind of the viewer, and what sounds they may hear even though the image is silent.
FotoMahaloness painting and sound, what do you hear?

The whale dreamt of the sky

Buddhabear a painting that is based on an actual Grizzly encounter I experienced outside an electronica festival in BC, in a tutu of course. Do you hear the bear? The forest? The hum of a hummingbird?
The painting I made at the festival, Entheos, where I had my Grizzly encounter, I painted nearly 3 days straight, it morphed hundreds of times before ending at this stage, I gifted it to the land owner in exchange for the bear medicine I received there.

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