A painting for Agnus

A painting for Agnus
This was a blog I wrote for eyecollector.com it tells a story of art and healing

This canvas was gifted to me by a friend who recently lost his partner Agnus. This was her canvas, which she had started painting it and was unable to finish it. I recieved it and decided to honor her journey with the Green Tara, a Goddess of liberating women. It has been a challenging piece emotionally. I can feel her energy on the canvas, and I swear a couple nights ago her spirit was present as I was painting. It is a healing spirit painting and a story about Agnus’s rebirth.
Agnus’s poem (which was written on the canvas):
If you are not afraid of dying then there is nothing you can’t achieve.
If you realize all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold onto.

Mahalonessfoto -painting completed titled Modern Tara (Year of the Water Dragon)


5 thoughts on “A painting for Agnus”

      1. Hm interesting! I generally paint with acrylic also.. I’d love to try oil painting sometime simply because acrylic tends to dry too fast for my painting speed… I love blending colors. Mahaloness to you too! I’m guessing that means sort of like a “Pura Vida” ??!

      2. Pure life, yes similar indeed, you know Golden Acrylics make paint that has a slower drying time, extended fluids, and also I tend to use a glazing approach (using golden glazing medium) which allows for slightly slower drying times, although it is not quite blending the layering using this technique can produce similar results, I also recommend a spray bottle with water, I do like oil except for the messiness factor;)

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