A bug’s perspective

Leave it to the bug family to deliver a message that you are on the right track. I have often observed that the bugs love my art, and when they show up I wonder what they think, do they think, or feel, or am I to believe that we as humans know for a fact, based on science this, or data that, that we know that bugs simply do not think, or perhaps they are not of human worthiness, and so on. Often I hear people describe bugs using adjectives such as ‘gross’ or ‘disgusting’, this seemingly based on past exoereince. Well perhaps there is another side to our little friends that deserves some attention, and here on Mahaloness I enjoy providing a frame for my little friends to finally express what they have been wanting to say for so long.
fotocartoonMahaloness -bug life, a platform where bugs can speak out on things that matter to them.


Be kind to the bugs.

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