Month: April 2016

make a mile brah 

 Make a mile  make another painting fotoMahaloness Moments from the ether, hand painting getting ready for body painting, creative explorations, never a dull moment.         order your very own cosmic turtle tee shirt from the Mahaloness store, click here and thank you  available as a very fine print. Creator mural minimotion picture show by hälts on …

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The Creator mural minimotion picture show with sound…

Thats right folks hälts has been at it agan, following a disastrous couple weeks of computer crashes and some plain old life stuff hälts has against all odds managed to persevere and create a wonderful little gem of a minimotion picture show featuring his latest mural called ‘Creator’. Over the course of the mural prodction …

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a poem and some pictures from a recent artshow

Lost in the sorrow of a Reality  shattered into a million pieces  while wondering these city sidewalks that sparkle under the purple rain.  (a rainy day deep in contemplation poem) fotoMahaloness                  #purplerain #Mahaloness #hältsART #walking #sorrowandpain #sadness #citylife #spirit #poem #change #contemplation

Purple Rain

It has been a long April with some peaks and valleys and the right ingrediants for the perfect creative storm.  fotoMahaloness ‘Purple Rain’ acrylic on wood  c.2016 Thank you for enriching this world with your art. -hälts 

many lessons

Life brings many lessons, some take time to learn, don’t be too hard on yourself, patience is your friend. It is easy to feel that everything must get done now….a sense of urgeny….this can also overwhelm, this too will pass, it will be okay, be easy on yourself, sending love to all of you out …

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the search

Searching for answers for the heartache and pain wondering what lessons have I not yet learned inner wisdom  helps to illuminate state  and Ho’oponopono to help me get back up with grace.  I love you I am sorry Please forgive me Thank you.  fotoMahaloness            

be like watercolour

Mindfullness does not attach to a thought, when in full sail one does not drop anchor. fotoMahaloness It has been sometime when I just painted for the sake of painting, no reason, no excuses, just plain and simple exercsing my right to expression and tapping into the unlimited fuel called imagination.                My heart and …

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Sometimes I go to the forest and just stand and listen to the trees. I can’t help but think and feel that something is watching me in return. Could it be an ‘over active imagination’ like I have been told countless times, or is it something watching me, a spirit, a force, an entity that …

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