Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Ocean Tara Ocean Tara…

Mahaloness is a portal to CARE. Here you are welcome to visit, all ages, all walks of life, here there is no discrimination, here there is no judgement, it is a place where I share my authenticity, my art, my poems, my words, and my care. Yes I sometimes get angry, yes I sometimes feel sad, yes sometimes I feel lonely, and yes I do feel despair. Some think I am crazy, some ask what drugs I am on, people will say what they want to say, opinions  and gossip propelled by an ignorance of the Darkness, so it goes, and the world continues to mourn. So be it this will not stop me from doing the work that needs to be done.

Mahaloness minimotionpicture show with sound featuring ‘Ocean Tara Ocean Tara…’

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“The spirit is like the wind you can’t fully grasp it.” -Pancho Nobert


The artist path is one of patience, perseverence, and constant practice. Throughout the journey there will be experienes, countless experiments, endless information and encounters that adjust your perception of the world. This will inevitably end up in your work, which depending in the person comes with a certain lag time between effect and response. This of course may be slightly altered from one to person to the next, there are many factors such as environment, social economic and political climate, passion, endurance, resolve and so on. For this artist the journey and the destination are one and same, they are always changing and impermanent, this can be both a blessing and a challenge, knowing this there is nothing to hold onto, no ‘mistakes’…the trick is to remember this when things go sideways.

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minimotionpicture for Nelsonians

I was in Nelson, B.C. not too long ago and wandered into a shop and bought a bunch of tiny little books made with really nice hand made paper and proceeded to draw a rudimentary animation in them. I later captured each page with my phone camera and than proceeded to edit them with iMovie, than I made a soundtrack with Garageband and voila.


minimotionpicture show click here to see it on Vimeo

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anything is possible

Life recently has been a whirlwind place. The ebbs and flows spinning and pushing me along, seeking level passgae when I can, readying myself for whats to come. I woke up the other day, another cycle completed around the sun, I felt my heart sink a little bit as I  contemplated how fast life passes by. People coming and going, life experiences, how I got here, all the hard work I have done and the moments I wanted to give up, all of it, it was weighing on my mind heavily until that is I opened up my mailbox. Low and behold  there it was, a remarkable cosmic journal of epic proportions, reminding me to keep working hard, love what you do, and your dreams will be your reality, for anything is possible when you put all of your mind, heart and body into whatever it is you want to do. There will be moments when you are tired, or you’re too busy to do the things you love… this is a good time to keep working hard, stoke the fire and connect with your heart, and do it anyway, at least thats been my experience.


A link to RageOn! an all-over printing company I am currently working with, putting positively vibrant designs on wearables and accessories, plug in ‘MAHALONESS’ for discounts on non-sale items. Mahaloness all the way. Click here to see my gallery, new designs coming.

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<3 ART SHOW!!!!

Its true, halts is back, with a new group of paintings, hybrids and just all around sweet art from the heart, there is going to be goodies, fresh prints for exceptionally low prices all of which is good for the mind, body and soul, come one, come all, you will not be sorry, did I say free naps! Thats right folks, it is a mattress store after all, free naps if you so desire! Hope to see you there if you happen to be in the Calgary area! Mahaloness!


Shane Haltman Betterhood_72.jpg

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so many things

So many things:

to write

to say

to give

to share

to do…



do what you can and be okay with that, than do some more.


And now a quote by Alejandro Jodorosky (if you are unfamiliar look him up, I recommend watching his film, ‘El Topo’ but than again it is your adventure),

‘Once the arrow is launched, one cannot make it return to the bow.’


The experience is impermanent, the journey continues, the soldier marches forth, the artist makes another mark, the barber shapes another dome, the dog barks for another bone. The journey continues, the beat is followed by one more beat, than another, than another. The man who has a stroke, a seizure, a heart attack, an aneurysm, a man who loses his wife to cancer and the man who is diagnosed with brain cancer continues to get up and take on the world, even if it is weird. The struggle is real, the struggle is an illusion, the struggle is a struggle when it is real. The journey continues, the parents get old in front of your eyes, the sisters, the brothers, the ones you love get older and some of them get sick or may fall and break a bone, life is real, even though it is an illusion, so many questions, so many answers, binary opposition keeps the machine running fine. Eat meat, eat veggies, eat shit, eat whatever it takes to keep you alive, even though it is possible what you eat can help you not live so long. The irony of life is death, and beyond death we just don’t know until that time comes when you find yourself knocking at Heavens door.

And now fotos of work and moments in time of this artist leading up to a new art show called “<3” in Calgary on display at Essentia Mattress store, located 1113 Kensington Rd N.W. and runs all of February with an artist opening on the 14th of February, 2016 between 2-4 pm. All  are welcome, so come on down and celebrate this wonderful thing we call art, free naps available as it is a mattress shop, and they happen to sell really nice organic mattresses that take sleeping and dreaming to a whole other level.