Month: July 2015

Lifetime of Love

A lifetime without Love is of no account Love is the Water of Life Drink it down with heart and soul. -Rumi fotoMahaloness Be with Nature        My art is an expression of my true nature. (In the studio) c.2015   

Natural Rhythm

on Observing Nature tapping into source finding rhythm be like water flow fotoMahaloness tuning into Nature        Nature is mysterious     Molly’s Garden Nature   going with the flow (fineline surfboard, so so sweet)      Mana drawing (808) test animation  Made on Maui, tapping the source c.2012   Thank you Earth 


Green Tara c.2013  Wondering if I have been wrong Did I do what I could of Feeling alone Looking outside for answers accepting defeat drowning sorrow  spirit retreats replaced with beautiful distractions that eventually fade  expansion and contraction thank you gracias merci! for the miracle  of the breath I have come to realize I am …

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2 horses running free through a mental landscape that crosses all of Spacetime. fotoMahaloness  2 horses aerosol, acrylic, ash amd quartz on wood c.2015   2 horses digifoto c.2011     half man half animal  acrylic , birch and feathers on canvas c.2012   Free the mind. 

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