Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Mexican street art

Mono Sourcil 

Mono Brow


I have been blessed to see some great art from around the world, this piece made me smile instantly, the power of art.

super gracias 

Bonus fotoMahaloness from the archives

‘ I went to see the Mona Lisa and could hardly believe my eyes’ 

cyberart spoof by hälts c.2015 


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looking both ways

looking both ways

dissolving the barriers

to other worlds. 


looking bothways

analog to digital art (Original artwork made on Maui in 2012, Mana sesshins)


in between art and life gardens keep me connected to the magic of life      

my studio in flow, always changing and a place where my spirit roams 

Thank you deeply 


Are you still a Believer? 

I try to steer clear of politics with respect to my art. Back in 2009 when I created the ‘Are you a Believer?’ series, I was responding to a wave of hope that people projected just before Obama’s election. Once Obama was in office and the wave of hope had hit the shores and dissipated, the dialogue turned from hopeful to critical. Throughout his term I have been painting his portrait with a few simple rules such as using the same profile and size of canvas. Despite this it is intersting to see how his image has changed, in fact currently I am working on the fifth painting and I would say it has been the most difficult to to make yet. Interesting times are upon us, and as we progress I really do wonder how we will respond to the challenges in the coming years.  


 ‘Are you a believer?’ No. 2 


‘Are you a beliver?’ 

Series 1 thru 4 

c.2009 to c.2013


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murals of Mahaloness

Mural making is a different beast, it takes a lot of will and determination to complete them. Without a doubt the effort pays off when you see someones face light up when the mural catches their eye. 


Cirque du Soleil 

-1 of 5 artists involved with this project



Willow Ridge community mural   

Hillhurst Hardware c.2010  


Bassbus mural c.2011 (3-D mural)       

 Mexico  Dreamtime 


art from spirit, mind and heart