Month: June 2015

looking both ways

looking both ways dissolving the barriers to other worlds.  fotoMahaloness looking bothways analog to digital art (Original artwork made on Maui in 2012, Mana sesshins) c.2015  in between art and life gardens keep me connected to the magic of life       my studio in flow, always changing and a place where my spirit roams  Thank you …

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fragments disappear into the abyss gone forever even wisdom is finite.  fotoMahaloness ‘Fragment’ analog to digi art c.2015 all rights reserved    it was a cloud       What will we be left?   


This art has potency. fotoMahaloness authentic rebels makes authentic art.  Bohemian Moon mural c.2011      ‘Big Hau’ (magic bus mural detail), he kept an eye over me as I painted Bohemian Moon on a full moon.   

chimp says…

WITH MAN GONE, WILL THERE BE HOPE FOR GORILLA? WITH GORILLA GONE, WILL THERE  BE HOPE  FOR MAN? -ISHMAEL … so much violence in the world, when will it cease.  fotoMahaloness chimp with a gun acrylic on canvas  C.2007    Peace

International Surf Day

Sening love back to the ocean for the bliss and raising awareness for ocean interconnectedness.  fotoMahaloness Ocean inspired art by hälts  analog to digital art  c.2015   Puerto Escondido mural magic by hälts c.2015 Paia, Maui mural magic art by hälts c.2015  Respect & Love to Lady Pacifica and to the OCEAN that is all oceans 

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