Month: May 2015

modern Cave ART

I am one river flowing into an infinite ocean of consciousness.  fotoMahaloness Coming soon….. digital collage (analog to digital poster art concept) c.2015    Please vote for my art and help get it to Europe! Please Click here, Mahaloness!

Dali Dreamtime 

My portrait paintings often take on a life of their own, to the point where I can almost hear them breathing, and that’s the moment when I know my work is done.  fotoMahaloness ¡Dali¡ Dreamtime (and detail of an acrylic painting currently in development stage)  watercolour  c.2015        Z

spirit paint

They are some who think paint has the power to dissovle the veil, and magically we can cross over to the other side. Unfortunately the ones who worked with this miraculous paint lived thousands of years ago, so I set out to make a ‘veil dissolver’ paint, although instead of mixing it with saliva like …

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Vote for hälts ART! (Please!)

Please vote for hälts ART! Please follow the link to vote for my entry in a photo contest, I have a good chance with your help, please go to this LINK🐇, thank you deeply!  fotoMahaloness My entry ‘into shadow’ digifoto Art by hälts     

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