Month: April 2015

A prayer for Nepal 

Sending my prayers to Nepal in this time when so many have been lost may the land stand still and give them the time they need to recover from this tragedy.  fotoMahaloness White Tara c.2015 

Maui Wowi

The island called, and so I went. fotoMahaloness Maui Dreamtime art, made while on a sojourn to Maui in 2012. Most of the materials used were bulding scraps gifted to me by a soul friend named Jim.  

full spectrum consciousness portal mural

Guided Imagination a form of imagination that goes beyond what we normally understand by the word: in the anthropologist Anna-Leena Siikala’s phrase, it consists in ‘setting aside the critical faculty and allowing emotions, fantasies and images to surface into awareness’.  -David Lewis-Williams ‘The Mind in the Cave’ p.134-35 c.2002 Thames & Hudson Ltd. London fotoMahaloness …

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Dawn Patrol

Surfing and art get along well together.  fotoMahaloness Mahaloness to the WSL Dawn Patrol who keep me connected to the ocean when I am far away. The ocean is a place I like to be whenever possible, surfing with my foamies, or foam children as my friend and fellow surfer Marcy calls us. Super Gracias.  …

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Albeit I live in the modern world I maintain a strong connection with my ancient kin. fotoMahaloness Woodabe Dreamtime c.2011  currently in the cave  

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