Month: February 2015

a short break

Mahaloness will be taking a short break, be back next week, as the crow flies. …until than be well my friends. fotoMahaloness -a rather bird heavy fotoMahaloness, from the archives featuring hälts art: paintings, digifoto and doodles super bueno


a link to hälts art on Nuvango, featuring hälts art prints available in a variety of products for your enjoyment including: tshirts, computer skins, phone skins, pillow cases, and more. It is a great way to support my art, please click on this to check out my Nuvango art gallery and store, open to all. …

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Mahaloness started out as a way for me to share my art and explorations with those of you sharing space on this wondrous planet. I can honestly say the journey has been a good one, with a little bit of everything along the way. In the last couple of months I have been sharing moments …

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4 Nobles

1. Life is suffering 2. the cause of suffering is our grasping and fixation 3. suffering ends when we let go of attachment to the ego 4. there is a path that leads to the cessation of suffering fotoMahaloness chop wood fetch water

part of

I am a part of this I am not separate to this this land this planet this ecology this river this lake this ocean this universe this dimension as you also are my friend. fotoMahaloness dedicated to rekindling Earth pride

alter, shrines and a few random bits of awesome

to me there is no argument, commodification of art alters the authenticity of the message. fotoMahaloness -from my tiny studio to Mexico, alters and shrines 3 magic random bits for your personal enjoyment get lost in Paintaverse no. 26573 Super Gracias hälts art painting timelapse video experience on Vimeo, click here por favor bonus fotoMahaloness …

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