Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

first Dawn patrol (a Southern journey…)

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For those new to Mahaloness this blogisode is the continuation of ‘a Southern journey’ which is my account of a recent trip to Mexico. Being an artist I find travelling heightens my senses and gets me out of my comfort zone. Travelling also teaches me many lessons that I carry forward into my artistic practice. I hope you enjoy.

somewhere near Puerto Escondido, Mexico
November 16th, 2014

I awake to this new land, the air ambrosial with the aromatics of the local flora filling my nose. Following the ritualistic morning coffee it is time to make speed with my surfer kin to a local river mouth, where there’s a sweet surf break. The anticipation runs high and I experience a shiver of excitement up and down my spine, duende, a good sign indeed. Art, meditation and surfing bring me joy and are essential to healing the deep inner turmoil I have struggled with for the majority of my adult life. All three activities, more like loves, have played a major role in getting me through the hard times, when not even a good party would help. Truth be told no party has ever made me feel the way surfing, art or meditation does. In fact it is my goal in life to perfect all three, which simply means I will happily keep practicing, combining the rhythms of surfing, the cycle of breath and the fluidity of the brush stroke into a wholistic and complete healthy lifestyle. Fundamentally we deserve health, joy and a feeling of wholeness in this lifetime. When this is taken away from us either, by our own volition, or otherwise, we lose our glow, and once that happens life can take on a much different meaning.

-on the road to the local surf break






IMG_5566.JPGwolf moon homage


super gracias

Author: hälts

Hi my name is hälts, I am a Canadian artist, geographer, film worker and mostly a human being. I did not grow up thinking I wanted to be an artist, things just kind of fell into place. Art is a special gift humans have developed since inception. Mother Earth is the greatest artist, and who keeps me humble on my path. I mostly paint, and use acrylic with an assortment of brushes and touches, and sometimes watercolour. I am also well rounded with airbrush skills, spray paint, digital art and production, filmmaking, photography and drawing. I make fine art work, small paintings, big paintings, murals, wearable art, functioning art, and art for healing. I go wherever calls. I inspire while also being inspired by this planet, and my fellow beings. Life is a gift, and that's how I treat it. If that's not enough for you, then perhaps someone else can fill your expectation. I have no one to impress, I don't do this to be cool, and I care about this planet as much as Greta Thunberg, thank you very much, and all the life it sustains. I am not pro this person or that person, politically agnostic, I am spiritual, I am happy, I am sad, I am love, I am fear, I am joy, I am sorrow, I am all that humans are. I don't care about celebrities endorsements, and reminder there are many folk out there doing their part for Mother Earth, in their own way long before the current movement, upheaval does not create forever change, it goes in cycles, it always has and it always will, just sit in front the ocean and see it for yourselves. Most of all I just am. Thank you kindly, hälts

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