Month: January 2015

simple life (a Southern journey cont.)

Yes, waves are on my mind pretty much all the time, each new wave I ride a chance for my soul to reconnect with Mother Earth’s energy. fotoMahaloness -here I live a simple life; surfing, exploring, making art, and stopping to smell the flowers. simply a necessity, local coconuts surfboard amigos

mural time-lapse

the mural is a beast, working day and night, putting in the love, patiently, and sometimes not; the dream, slowly transform the beast into a work of art. please click here to view my hälts art mural time-lapse experience on Vimeo. fotoMahaloness -mural snap shots, the beast took a month, worth every bit of blood …

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many lifetimes

Quiza en otra vida tú y yo fuimos amantes. I once met a man whose paintings adorn the walls of Dalai Lama’s meditation room. He paints beautiful Thangka paintings, so exquisite is the detail that one loses sense of space and time. When I asked him how he made such detailed paintings he looked me …

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sacred company in the shadows who guide those lost in the dark night of the soul. fotoMahaloness Ink on paper c.2015 Great Spirit, Creator, please watch over my friend Scotty and his fmaily. Scotty’s Portrait c.2015 Well it may not be Time Magazine or the Rolling Stone, however I did get an interview with a …

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Mezcal shuffle

Sitting Looking out the window Ideas forming in mind like sun kissed fluffy white clouds floating in cobalt blue sky dogs barking smoke lingering piercing light squinted eyes as Spirits walk amongst the living presence she kisses my lips as sweet dew dangles on a green leaf that ants eat buzzards glide effortlessly above highways …

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