Month: December 2014

seigan (vow)

…that we treat things with care, devote ourselves to our work, love those we encounter, and take concern for society, never for greed or fame. -Kosho Uchiyama Reshi As we move into a new cycle it seems fitting to renew a vow with this world I inhabit. The challenges faced up to this moment have …

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buena energia

Everything I see, touch, smell, taste, hear and feel is energy for energy percolates, pervades, penetrates, permeates in everything, every being, everywhere and elsewhere. Following a rendezvous with some friends I find myself sipping a coffee in a cafe cinema chocolate shop. There is a wall mural, it is my first real introduction to the …

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head spin (continuation of a Southern journey..)

side note: sometimes you come across an album that speaks to the soul… “I held onto a penance I didn’t deserve.” -Half Moon Run ‘Unofferable’ from the album ‘Dark Eyes’ meanwhile a Southern journey continues… I arrive in Puerto Escondido and immediately give thanks to Lady Guadalupe. A few artist musician gypsy folk, who were …

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portrait moderno

Todo fluye, todo se mueve, todo interactúa y va hacia el futuro y vuelve al pasado como en un círculo sin principio ni fin. Everything flows, everything moves, everything interacts and moves toward the future and returns to the past like a circle without beginning or end. fotoMahaloness digital trickery c.2014 hälts art gallery and …

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endless mystery

there is something that happens to you when you decide to see. fotoMahaloness this is my analog to digital art, it is titled ‘ditch the rational and dive into paintaverse no. 34688259’ (c.2014)the studio these days, always in flux click here to see hälts art gallery super gracias when lost find art.


I am fully awake and taking in every ounce of the scenery. The bus weaves it’s way through green country, occasionally opening up to grazing feilds, rivers and lakes. There is a feeling you get when things are new, I have this feeling now. As I head deeper south my identity slowly dissolves away. The …

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