Month: November 2014

dive deep

I dive deep into my art. fotoMahaloness -doing it live at a festival brah! get your tshirt on here in the collection ‘pearl divers dream’ 16x20x2 in. acrylic on panel c.2014

green blur

Currently Mahaloness is on hiatus as I explore roads less travelled here in Mexico. As the journey proceeds new ideas are born and spirit renews. I am grateful for everyone who has taken the time to visit Mahaloness over the last year and would like to let you know brand new entires will recommence this …

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enter Mexico

‘clinical photographic art’ -A. Jodorosky In the air on the road I’m on my to Mexico To ride some waves Eat the food Make some art And pay it forward I’m on my way to Mexico fotoMahaloness -getting to Oaxaca out of this world art on tshirts this way Thank you Mexico, truly a magical …

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te quiero

Alejandro Jodorosky describes the filming of Holy Mountain as “making a sacred experience” (from the Dance of Reality: A Psychomagical Autobiography). As I read this I thought to myself, make everything a sacred experience fotoMahaloness gusto Oaxaca, barra de la cruz… meanwhile in Paintaverse no. 25258… spiritual warrior art here

life at the moment…

heading south where popcorn clouds float above the ocean and waves roll from point all the way to lifeguard station tapping source stoking stoke fluido mind gone fotoMahaloness letting soul guide the way get your very own artalicious tshirt here


when the road bends why go straight -Gypsy proverb fotoMahaloness I am off to explore the great unknown, new posts coming soon my friends be well wherever you may be. t hälts deep art store

inside a dream

be your own trip fotoMahaloness inside a dream digital art c.2013 intermission fury friend pedro doing bunnyoga, he hangs out just outside my studio window during the daytime, where we see each other eye to eye. order your very own custom ‘inside a dream’ tshirt here

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