Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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new videoMahaloness…

‘Painting a Tara’ pt. 2 c.2014

This is the second of an ongoing series of videos featuring me in process, in my studio, working on a Tibetan inspired White Tara painting (and a wearable art women’s flannel ‘wolfmoon’ and the ‘Mahaloness’ painting. I have been fortunate to meet a true master Tibetan/Nepalese Thangka painter, Romio Shrestha ( who has been a guiding light force as I walk the artist’s path. The track was made by me on my dented iPad, using some wild sounds, Garage band and a a few piano riffs I recorded while playing my moms electric piano, never a dull moment.

Thank you for watching.

make art make art

painting a Tara Vimeo link<3

dedicated to all woman of planet Earth and Mother Earth, thank you.

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welcome to my dream

It could be entirely possible that this is all an unending dream that goes on and on and on. Within this super dream there is a multiverse of dreams and within those another multiverse and so on. This goes on for infinity only to continue into infinity and from there who knows, except of course you because you are the center of this universe, except for the fact you and I do not know what that universe is exactly.

this is my art, I make art and am one with art for the purpose of keeping the spirit alive and continuing what my forefathers and mothers did in lifetimes before this…one.









for any inquiries with regards to my art and fotos here on the Mahaloness blog please find me here
Note: I will be posting some new wearable upcycled hand painted pieces soon. Thank you

I do murals

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my kind of streetlife

To be perfectly honest with you it has been one exceptionally busy summer season. I am am eternally grateful for the moments and as I slowly sort through my foto documents I see I have my work cut out for me. You see there is a plethora of information that has been received and is now being processed, it may take some time, and with some patience I will share it with you. I am also preparing for a live art demo this coming Sunday in my hometown, so lets keep it simple for now and say life is good here at Mahaloness.

my kind of streetlife, Saltspring Is BC

IMG_1775.JPGwith great joy I say Mahaloness is back in beeziness and possibly my new signature, the bee. (recent stencil art commission)



never stop being you.

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the Tara painting

Recently I began to paint my third Tibetan inspired Tara painitng. I was properly introduced to Tibetan art when I was on the the Big Island of Hawaii at an event called Alchemeyez, back in 2011. There I would meet a man by the name of Romio Shrestha. Romio had huge, beautiful Thangkas on display, and It is truly beyond words how extraordinary his work is. I remember a moment when I was looking at one of his paintings and completely forgot my self. I also recall the most wonderful peaceful feeling overtaking everything. Since than I have made it my commitment to learn more about Tibetan Art and with a little luck meet again with Romio in this lifetime with the intention to work with him. Although I try to stay true to the traditional artform, this would be considered a modern evolution in my own unique stlye. It is a both an homage and a testament to the Tibetan Tara, and to Romio’s work which continues to spread Dharma into this world.

– below is a link to a new stop motion video I produced, enjoy.

link to original videoMahaloness featuring timelapse art vid of me working on a Tara painting to an original score I made using Garageband. on Vimeo

Thank you

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Most of my life has been dedicated to experiencing life. While I did give up a portion of it to learn things I didn’t really want to understand, destiny would change all that when someone put a paint brush in my hand.

spacetime sesshins 1 thru 4



…one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind


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Lost Art

This post features my most recent art show ‘Lost Art Exhibit’. I have put together a nice collection of new work including: paintings (acrylic and watercolours), fotos, wearable art and drawings. The show is running in Calgary at Essentia Mattress Store showroom until the first week of Septmeber. ‘Lost Art’ refers to the marginalization of art and culture in modern society.
Where: 1113 Kensington Rd. N.W.
Store Hours everyday except Tues. and Wednes. 10-6

Note: if you are in the Calgary area I will be doing an informal artist talk at the end of August, more info on that coming soon.

the Space







Thank you.