Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.


a spiritual desert

even the desert has life.

the desert painting (in the studio)
24x48x 2 in. acrylic on canvas


In the next coming weeks Mahaloness will be back in full swing with all new fotos and explorations to share. It has been one beautiful journey and the search has opened my eyes to new possibilities, seeds planted, and ideas born.

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Island Life

I have been blessed to be able to travel to many beautiful islands, and to experience the island way of life. This watercolour is a reflection of those exeperiences, specifically of Lasqueti Island BC, a magical place where one can hear the Earth, and the wing’s of birds as they sail through the air.

Island Life
8×11 in.
avail. as Ltd. Ed. prints, contact can be found on my info page or find me on FB link here


Thank you<3

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people portraits

The following is a portrait from a coffee shop series I did way back. The subject is Johnny as portrayed through several techniques and mixed media (crayon pencil, pen,digital, collage and photography). You can see orange to yellow light emitting from his body, and green light emitting from his heart region. These are representative of his aura and chakra energies. There is also a reference to Japanese manga and as well some key phrases, books and a school of fish, including the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (which I believe was recently reinstated as Hawaii’s state fish).

Note: although I am technically on vacation I thought I would post from spacetime to spacetime.

20140715-100544.jpgon the blue highway




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short break

Hi people of Mother Earth, I will be taking a bit of break from Mahaloness, time to hit the road and make my way to the coast with my partner in crime, Agent R. I will be back with fresh insights, art, fotos and a some other goodies, thank you for all the love and support up to this moment in spacetime and I wish everyone here and elsewhere wellness and keep up the good work.
While I am gone I am hoping the the lady bug will keep the pests away and a road on Maui, the road dept. were a little shaky on their paint gun by the looks of it


20140708-013031.jpgsee you soon.