Month: June 2014


As I discover my self along the journey I begin to see that there are many who are also like me. fotoMahalonesssection high ground in studioMahaloness, this is a serious work zone. I make sure I am surrounded not only by things I make but also the bits and pieces of kindred spirits, those folks …

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All of my life built this moment. viddyMahaloness This is a time-lapse video of my process paired with a track I made on garage band, the wonders of modern technology. Thank you for watching.

sitting quietly

From the natural to the super natural, these are the universes and yes paintaverses I tend to find myself in. fotomahaloness featuring: Paintaverse 874538, Yuma Falls B.C. and the sacred garden Buddha located on Maui, what a gem of a place to sit and be still. The Buddha statue inspired the Buddha painting seen below …

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It was international surf day yesterday, which I missed because I am in it heavy with the creative process as I near an art exhibition. The nerves are thin right now as I burn the midnight oil working on paintings, wearable art and all the things to do that come with doing a show. To …

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life right now

I consider myself an unorthodox artist and this is what gives my art it’s Mahaloness . fotoMahaloness creativespacetime practice maintinainence. 3rd eye hats, thats right I make many things and 3rd eye hats is one of them, otherwise known as cyclops. At the moment the studio is abundant with a creative verve, and I am …

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Life has been moving quickly, creative flow is at peak velocity. As I near my next art exhibition I begin to finalize paintings and get everything organized and ready. What keeps me sane in times like these is a backyard garden, deep breaths, a really supportive partner, family and friends. To all those people thank …

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I find joy in painting Tibetan Taras, here is one of my Tara paintings remixed with a bit of modern technology. fotoMahaloness Tibetan White Tara is always looking out for me.and a poster for an up and coming show I have been working away at now for a good long while. More info coming, so …

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