Month: May 2014


sometimes you have to go down that road fotoMahaloness moments of creative bliss while on the road… one night moments before going down that road……the after result of going down that road. Location is a large feild, next to the ocean. The building so I am told is an old WW 2 lookout hut which …

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daily practice

Art like meditation is daily practice. fotoMahalonessinside the studio or moments in creative space;doing the good work. The explanation for where or why or what makes me do the good work is a real mystery and will most likely remain that way until that is I understand what is I am doing. Thank you.


when in roam I draw fotoMahaloness below a rhythmic spirit drawing/doodle record of an experience while on Maui c.2011 in one of my trusty moleskines. thank you. merci.

made up from dreams

digianiMahaloness or, something made from nothing. experimental short digianiMahaloness (digital animation) and music composed by me for another short called ‘desert obscuro’ soon to be released. The location, a room, is my current studio and the video features animated digidoodles, also my paintings and what can be described as an artistic hurricane. Enjoy. thank you.

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