Month: April 2014

Paia sand art

once upon a time in Paia. fotoMahaloness digittage of 2 beach art installations made in Maui 2012. The one eyed surfer seems to be on a broken board, coincidentally or not, I went surfing right after this and broke my board into 2 pieces much to the appreciation of the beach goers, the swell that …

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For the first 9 months of my life my mother breathed for me, that is something I must never forget. This post is in honour to all mothers, mothers mothers and the Mother of all mothers, Earth. Thank you from the fullness of my heart. fotoMahaloness Mother Earth watercolour c.2014


If there is one thing I have had no shortage of it would be studio space. Every one has it’s own feel and atmosphere, sometimes wide open, sometimes closed in. I spent nearly 3 months of my life in an old run down, yet still operational warehouse/industrial space in the middle of the prairie, during …

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Earth Steward

Earthday at Mahaloness is everyday. fotoMahaloness A digital rendering I created with a ‘Stewardhsip’ theme, we all can do our part to lessen the degree of the harshness on the environment due to progress and human activity. Even the littlest bit counts.

the White Tara

a healing painting I was commissioned to do that delivers peace and tranquility to whomever is open to receiving it. acrylic on canvas 30x30x2 in. c.2012 fotoMahaloness If you like this painting it is available as a print, you can order directly from my Saatchi online account, and yes they do deliver. link here

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