Month: March 2014

Wodaabe Dreamtime

This painting was inspired by Werner Herzog’s film ‘Herdsmen of the Sun’ (1989) a documentary film that sheds light on the Saharan nomadic tribe called the ‘Wodaabe’. This painting is an example of what I call a paintamentary, although modern cave painting also fits nicely. Certain films and the cinematic experience have opened my mind …

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The smallest of miracles keep me going. fotoMahaloness A little furry buddy whom I named ‘small miracle’. I ran into him near Makawao Maui, heading up towards the volcano. In that particular trip I stayed 3 months on the island, and was the main impetus of the Mahaloness blog. Mahalo being a Hawaiian term for …

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Life is life.

Life is life Mysterious Complex Simple Beautiful Decay Life is life Round Bound Ground Air Clouds Dreams Space Waste Life is life a status update 15 seconds of fame Kisses Blisses War Wealth Forest Rivers Environment Government Education Stewardship Life is life oh this beautiful life. fotoMahaloness in essence… This is a painting that I …

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brewing ideas

I am always brewing ideas, this is taking one of those ideas to a conceptual stage. vidiMahaloness Concept. post neo pop art, or the new new wave. This is not for sale and is for educational purposes only.

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