Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Wodaabe Dreamtime

This painting was inspired by Werner Herzog’s film ‘Herdsmen of the Sun’ (1989) a documentary film that sheds light on the Saharan nomadic tribe called the ‘Wodaabe’. This painting is an example of what I call a paintamentary, although modern cave painting also fits nicely. Certain films and the cinematic experience have opened my mind up to new ideas and possibilities, and Werner is one of those people I would really love to meet and really thank him for doing the good work.

24x48x2 in.
Aerosol acrylic on canvas
not for sale

Signed Limited edition Fine Art prints are available in a variety of options and are available upon request. I have tried a few different online art gallery resources in the last few years, such as Saatchi online art where you can find more of my art and order prints. I have mixed feelings about online galleries, although Saatchi does offer a very user friendly experience and if anything you can see more art, so win win. I leave that up to you to decide. I am a one man micro business, with a quality versus quantity approach, most of my effort goes into producing work, that is what I love to do. Thank you.


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The smallest of miracles keep me going.

A little furry buddy whom I named ‘small miracle’. I ran into him near Makawao Maui, heading up towards the volcano. In that particular trip I stayed 3 months on the island, and was the main impetus of the Mahaloness blog. Mahalo being a Hawaiian term for thank you, although it means so much more than that. I will always cherish and love the magic of Maui, it really is a small miracle in the middle of a vast ocean. So thank you Maui, I will always love you.



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Maui on my mind

I will always cherish my time on Maui until my last breath on this Earth.

This is a selection of my art and foto collection inspired by the spirit of Maui and all of Hawaii, where I have encountered so many beautiful people, wonderful stories, and music. It is a place where all elements come together in such a magnificent and beautiful way. 20140330-005640.jpg20140330-005655.jpgsand art installation
20140330-005712.jpgHomeland takeover
Aerosol stencil over a developer’s rendering for new resort community.
Development is a huge issue on Maui, in my opinion the pros hardly outweigh the cons.20140330-005746.jpg

‘swell god’
one of a collection of Maui spirit drawings
found pen and gesso on salvaged bamboo flooring tile

My little fury Hawaiian friend near Makawao


a magic bus I painted in Canada, inspired by my first trip to Maui, here is a link for more on that story20140330-171927.jpg

north shore maui at sunset20140330-172355.jpg

me and Kamilo jammin out one night, a storyteller of his people, I met him in a parking lot, he was playing his ukelele. Kamilo is a true Polynesian prince, and is both, an uncle and elder, to many of the youth there. He would sit next to the ocean and sing his grandmothers songs to the kids at sunset while the canoes were out on the water, very amazing man with a heart as big as the Big Island of Hawaii. Unfortunately you won’t find his download on the internet, he is a true ambassador of the Aloha spirit.20140330-175256.jpg


Life is life.

Life is life
Life is life
Life is life
a status update
15 seconds of fame
Life is life
oh this beautiful life.

fotoMahaloness in essence…
This is a painting that I have been working quite diligently at. Ongoing since 2012, it began as a live painting performance and has since evolved into this stage. Soon I will release a stop-esque animation showing the progression! I am excited to see how that comes together, stay tuned. Thank you as well for the fellowship, and the views, Mahaloness is a real low key gem blog for the 21st century, a virtual art gallery for people to step out of the mundane and enjoy the unique fruits of my artistic labour. So thank you again.
Note: I am a one man art factory operation, so small it is not detectable on most radars. If you ever have questions, concerns or would like to own a piece of Mahaloness, please leave a comment or find me on FB, here is the link.



and I would like to end it with another short digi animation, featuring creative space Mahaloness

This video doesn’t exist

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brewing ideas

I am always brewing ideas, this is taking one of those ideas to a conceptual stage.

post neo pop art, or the new new wave.

This video doesn’t exist

This is not for sale and is for educational purposes only.

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famous or not portraits

This is a selection of my portrait work, going back as far as 2006. Atypical art by an atypical artist.
Thank you and enjoy.

‘Are you a Believer?’
the Obama years paintamentary no. 1 thru 4
30x40x2 in.
acrylic on canvas20140322-150734.jpg

acrylic on canvas


a pearl diver’s dream
16x20x2 in.
acrylic on panel

mother earth
8×11 in.
watercolour on paper

12x12x2 in.
acrylic, feathers and birch bark on canvas

Coffee shop portrait
acrylic on recycled cardboard (frame is also recycled and hand painted)
Molly and Comet (canine portraits of hardware shop dogs)
Hillhurst Hardware Mural
Airbrush and acrylic


All images are the property of Mahaloness. All rights reserved.

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digitized mark making: creative exploration no.5632

Late night words…..with regards to modern tools and art today…

the tools may have changed over many thousands of years but the drive to make art is what it has has always been, exhilarating. It seems highly probable that artistic practice, whether that be cave painting, street art, studio painting, or sitting with subjects is a form of therapy for the human condition.

This is an animation I made recently using analog and digital methods. I did publish it in a recent post, I wasn’t sure if it was seen by too many as my blog was down briefly, so here we go again, this is a mixture of disciplines (drawing,painting,digital painting accompanied with soundtrack made and produced on a very well used iPad). It is a lifetime of curiosity that led to this moment, now shared with you, thank you.

This video doesn’t exist

hälts art store and gallery

Note to anyone interested: waves do not stay in one place, and similar to surfing, one has to paddle to the waves to get on a wave, and once on the wave make it count, Kelly Slater knows. While at anytime you can just as easily go over the falls, and hopefully as life progresses you learn how to fall so you can catch a few more beautiful rides…