Month: January 2014

President Obama paintamentary.

this is no. 5 in a painting documentary (paintamentary) series featuring Obama. I am far from a political artist, I do however enjoy to paint life, and that includes a portrait paintamentary of the 44th president. Obama five ‘Are you a believer?’ acrlyic on panel 30x40x2 in. c.2013

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The desert painting which began as a sketch on a piece of paper scrap from a friend which transformed into a vast, panoramic dreamtime Dali-esque, desert scene, footsteps disappear into the dune landscape, and not too far in the distant horizon a desert oasis mirage, dream or reality, the desert painting has been quite the …

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many faces

Throughout my career as an artist, I have painted many faces, from the famous to the unknown, all different and unique in their own beautiful way. fotoMahaloness girl with pearl earring (dream in Japanese of a pearl that holds the universe remix) 16x20x2 in. acrylic on panel c.2012 the sunshine coast mona lisa Painted on …

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When I make art there many things that are on my mind. Knowing this I work at my concentration, even if the world is asking me to pay attention. To concentrate is to discipline the mind while remaining open to a myriad of possibilities, this applies to life and art, perhaps one and the same, …

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