Month: September 2013

sky moment #111203

everyone take a moment and look up and give thanks for what is good in this world. fotoMahaloness -the sky in fall in Alberta in Canada in North America, on Mother Earth, in spacetime and a cobalt teal moment with the buddha of Mahaloness


fotoMahaloness -painted this one at an art battle, 2 hours total time. I went with the Dove of Peace being shot out of the barrel of a soldier’s rifle. The dove is rendered in similar fashion to Picasso’s Dove of Peace, which he donated to the Soviet backed World Peace Congress of 1949.

circa 2005

There was a time when all of my attention was put into my art. I was literally living, eating, breathing art. I had a such a sense of urgency and I have come to learn that my creative verve was quite normal for that stage of my development. When I began painting I had little …

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no matter

No matter what the economy says No matter what the taxes are No matter what disease we cure No matter what the herbalist speak No matter what the disgruntled worker says No matter how many satellites we send No matter how much technology we bring No matter how loud a bullet is No matter what …

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