Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

Starving artist top ten list

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Top five responses I have heard with regards to ‘being’ an artist.

1. Starving artist eh!
2. Oh so you’re a hippie.
3. Get a Job. (reply “I have a job, joy of being”
4. I love that, absolutely love that do you have a card?
5. Oh I am an artist too.
6. Oh I made art for a while and than I had kids.
7. And you make money with your art?
8. Hey can you come out to an event, it’s awesome exposure but…we can’t pay you.
9. Get a job.
10. Person says nothing while tears roll down their face. (success)

Note: I represent my own art, I work with my art, and I am the spokesperson for my art. I admire those who are as passionate as I am about art. I have the utmost respect for my peers and colleagues, as well as my mentors. Some of these individuals include Carl White, Tyler Gibney, Jarvis Hall, and Romio Shrestha. My art career has been blessed, and I have been fortunate to share my art with the world, with fellow humans, animals, insects and spirits. I do not turn a blind eye to the sorrow and anger that runs rampant in this world, I see the suffering, the pain, the ignorance, the misuse of resources, the human rights violations, the wars, the horrors, how can you not? I look at these events and I try to navigate through the ‘other’ truth of being human in a graceful manner, and harness that energy that the shadow of humanity contains. The illusion is that I am living within, separate to this world, when in fact I am a part of it, as much as I am a tree, a river, an ocean. I see dark, I paint light. For every bullet fired, I pledge to make a mark with paint, thats a lot of marks, I better get to it. Oh and one more thing with regards to the list above, and the one of many things I happen to find interesting, is that 9 out of 10 responses had nothing to do with the art, go beyond what you know and you will begin to see what art really is about.

fotoMahaloness -I post a lot of art on the Mahaloness, which I create unless otherwise specified. I post my art and write because it is important that I do both for myself and for humanity. Art brings a lot of joy and energy into your day, and we all know how much energy a day can take. Remember this is how humans began to communicate with each other, by sharing our observations of this place we live in.
Ps if you like the art and you either have a collection, you want to start a collection, or you just like to buy art, please by all means necessary contact me through my Saatchi online profile here is a link to one of my works, the Liberating Tara

A cosmic bee on my last mural (the subtle details, here the bee represents my my concerns for our planet’s ecology). Also there are some images of my street photography while on trip to New York several years ago.





Be water

The desert painting continues…20130819-133828.jpg

Author: hälts

Hi my name is hälts, I am a Canadian artist, geographer, film worker and mostly a human being. I did not grow up thinking I wanted to be an artist, things just kind of fell into place. Art is a special gift humans have developed since inception. Mother Earth is the greatest artist, and who keeps me humble on my path. I mostly paint, and use acrylic with an assortment of brushes and touches, and sometimes watercolour. I am also well rounded with airbrush skills, spray paint, digital art and production, filmmaking, photography and drawing. I make fine art work, small paintings, big paintings, murals, wearable art, functioning art, and art for healing. I go wherever calls. I inspire while also being inspired by this planet, and my fellow beings. Life is a gift, and that's how I treat it. If that's not enough for you, then perhaps someone else can fill your expectation. I have no one to impress, I don't do this to be cool, and I care about this planet as much as Greta Thunberg, thank you very much, and all the life it sustains. I am not pro this person or that person, politically agnostic, I am spiritual, I am happy, I am sad, I am love, I am fear, I am joy, I am sorrow, I am all that humans are. I don't care about celebrities endorsements, and reminder there are many folk out there doing their part for Mother Earth, in their own way long before the current movement, upheaval does not create forever change, it goes in cycles, it always has and it always will, just sit in front the ocean and see it for yourselves. Most of all I just am. Thank you kindly, hälts

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