Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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It’s in the details…(a mural special issue)

My first ever mural job was on a 7 story wall. I was hired by a crew from Toronto to help work on a mural for Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza. The first moment I stepped onto the swing-stage (the platform we worked on together for 8 hours plus a day, for about 21 days maybe a couple more), simply put, I was instantly stoked on murals. The rest is history. I would not be making murals today without working with that most amazing team of artists, led by Jamie Osborne, end of story. background link to more of my work called LRG scale

Steps to consider…

From the beginning, the substrate of any mural is key, you want the paint to stick and the colours to work, the blueprint is key, the artwork is your map, trust your drawings, colour matching to the artwork is crucial. Each component important no steps missed, well….no….well on occasion and when in flow I have found that new discoveries through taking some chances is possible, and when it works out, the high likelihood of something extraordinary. This a constant throughout my art pilgrimage. This is as long as you are able to trust your instincts and act on them in flow. If you hesitate, and act indecisive you will lose rhythm. It should be noted that this has been my experience. There is no one book, video, movie, person, etc. that told me that this was how to make murals, it has been in part learning from master muralists, practice and more practice. This is an important note.

Indie vs. Commercial

There are many differences between doing commercial work with a team, and doing the indie projects solo. In the case of the indie work I create the entire project, from design or ‘drawing’ ‘doodle’ ‘composition’ ‘artwork’ to a finished clear coated bright, vibrant, colourful mural. I do have a bit more flexibility when it comes to producing art independently for a client. This is something I do have to be mindful of and it does take some discipline, or rule making in order to complete a job within an agreeable timeframe. If I want to put more into a mural than is in the design than I must be prepared to do more work, thats the way it is. This being said, like nearly everything, there is a basic recipe I follow, and in the time I have spent making murals I have managed to create a fairly decent system, that is my way, making what I think in the end is a quality piece of art for a client. Any mural I make is for the client, the vision I depict is permanent and I take pride in delivering a quality mural that people of the community can enjoy for years to come. I have found that when I make indie murals for communities I am in essence documenting a vision I see of that community, and when painted on site that means I am steeped in it, with it, which is reflected in the art and the final product.

Put the public back into the mural…

Each job is different, and there are a gazillion decisions to be made, that is until you begin to whittle them down to a point where you and the public see a finished product. And I do consider input from bystanders, and all those folks who I talk to while working on these projects, they often bring with them useful suggestions, feedback, food, encouragement and even equipment. On the last project I was on 2 separate individuals brought me lights, so I could work late, and one of them gave me the light outright as his contribution to the arts! This may not happen all the time, but in my experience this does happen and usually right when you really need it. The last day I was putting on the clear coat, which I could not stop because it is time sensitive, a nice lady brought a sandwich. Another lady who takes care of the community garden brought me a huge bag of fresh picked vegetables, the list goes on. I also recently had a young fellow bring me a skateboard, which I appreciated, it helps me move my heavy compressor, and in this line of work efficiency is key.


I have worked for many clients, all with their own uniqueness and set of principles, their is an art to meeting both the client’s needs while making a mural. Some are curious about the process, some will offer suggestions, you name it, it will happen. The client also helps to keep things in perspective, especially on the longer jobs. They are key to the process and a good healthy communication goes a long ways.

I am being hired to use my talents in a way I want to, check, I am in.

That looks easy….

It does not always come easy, there are times when my brain is stretched, yet it always seems to come back, and each job seems to get a bit smoother and less surprises, which is nice on the one hand, although never say never. I do feel at this stage of my career that I have developed a decent working system. There is always room for innovation, I work with technology while utilizing age old techniques that are proven to work and when mastered things like the Sistine Chapel happen.I embrace this kind of thinking because I know that job is in the making, and when it comes my plan is to be ready. I want to make incredible mind blowing heart touching awe inspired art, history has plenty examples, and if my work makes its way into the big story, that would be happily, and gratefully accepted. All the work aside, and once the job is done and the paint settles, and the protective clear coat is on, it is than time to take a step back and enjoy the labour of love. Picasso is said to have said…. that one should never take a step back and look until the job is done, I can’t really say if that is true, I did take some steps back even though I am always in the mode of ‘get it done’ and than and only than am I able to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

I want to dedicate this mural to Rebecca, she was instrumental in getting this one done, thank you with all my heart.

fotoMahaloness -the mural below was a three week project. It was for a community association, I came up with the original artwork design concept, and stuck to the original composition as close as possible, and because this was an independent project and the client gave me fairly free range on the colour, this made my life easier albeit more work, and the result is a beautifully vibrant and colourful mural that the community of Willow Ridge can enjoy for years to come.
Spliced full shot mural20130729-180605.jpg
Soccer ball zoom


Bee life…20130729-180742.jpg

The diving goalie20130729-195650.jpg


It is in the details20130729-195749.jpg




The colours at sunset also colour this artist’s palette… well there is I admit a strong Hawai’ian influence, and/or South Pacific for that matter, in my work, it just flows out of me, or is it through me….20130729-200110.jpg
At sunset and at just the right angle the mural reflects the sunset…


I just wanted to get some key points down for you guys, I do plan on a few more entries on murals, including a time-lapse that I will be working in the very near future , for now this is a nice overview, thank you everyone who helped out on this one: Willow Ridge, Heather, Jay, Dave, Gord and Sam, The Roasterie, Calvin, Ralph, Stan, Aaron, everyone who stopped by, the nice lady who brought me a sandwich and a plum, Michelle, Jim, Nicole, Jamie, Christianno Ivy, Justin, Agent R….and everyone else thank you.


The cosmic skate and a Lifetime Mahaloness Achievement Award goes to Aaron…20130730-201348.jpg

the clubhouse, art lab and everything behind the scenes20130730-201411.jpg

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Green. Vibrant. Healing. Appealing. Heart chakra, Summertime, or all the time, depending where you are from. When I work with colour I often wonder what exactly so much exposure to colour does to the mind, the body and the soul. Colour resonance produces waves that can penetrate to the core of my being. When it comes to working at large scale I am receiving high doses of it, it floods my senses with its resonance, although according to this link on colour resonance it has never been shown that human and or otherwise can receive too much colour, thats good news for this artist. (the link I shared is one view, although I have heard many wise artists share their thoughts on colour, and in my own experience working with colour is that each colour and also certain colour pairings can produce the most wonderful, vibrational experience, further explorations are certainly in the making.
fotogreenMahaloness -go green







Detail from my latest mural project, putting green to work, the colour that just keeps on giving20130727-120320.jpg
Mahaloness peace and love.
This blog is dedicated to Mother Earth, thank you.

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LRG scale

I took the leap a long time ago.

fotoMahaloness -right on the edge, the moment before the leap into the world of large scale painting (the first image is looking down off the swing stage quite often used for painting large murals on high rise walls.


my first indie job20130723-220035.jpg



a magical bus I painted a couple years ago, a labour of love. I do not receive a lot of recognition or acknowledgement for this project, it was a massive life lesson which took a while to accept, we have all been there.20130723-220216.jpg

in this image taken from the ‘net, everyone and their cat has their name on it except for the artist who painted the bus, me, this has been a pet peeve of mine, when artists do not receive acknowledgement and recognition for their work, unfortunately it happens far too often. The saving grace is that it is the style of the work that itself is my signature.20130723-220317.jpg

Maui project (2 murals one permanent in Paia and the other impermanent painted on a concrete shack in the middle of a field next to Ho’okipa, a very special place, the black mural was literally painted in pitch black at night on a new moon, it lasted 2 days before it was painted over by the Kony 2012 fake it until you make it campaign20130723-220423.jpg


a kids room I did once with a large galaxy, i had one day to complete it, I wish the designer had let me have a kittle more free reign on this one, still it worked out pretty well.20130723-220723.jpg

art lab work space, one of many setups, perhaps a separate entry dedicated to workspace is needed here… 20130723-221023.jpg

a magic door!20130723-221104.jpg


This was the first mural I ever worked on, I worked with a group of guys from Toronto (Global Colors Inc.) spearheaded by Jamie Osborne, who along with Christiano, and Ramone, taught me the ropes on mural making and working at large scale.20130723-221356.jpg

my latest project, a section of a sea can I painted which took me 3 weeks to complete, full on, blood, sweat and tears, when you work large scale the workload also increases.20130723-223352.jpg

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Todays Mahaloness is brought to you by the number 23.
fotoMahaloness -paintaverse discoveries made while out on creative explorations. Color theory alone does not explain these discoveries and much further research is required. Color is my first language, the multitude of color combinations I have discovered in the lab is astonishing, and I simply cannot say what the overall effect of all this exposure to color will have on me, I guess I will just have to explore this matter a little deeper.








All fotos are the property of Mahaloness consent is required if you would like to use these images in any way, and always please reference the fotos at the very least. Mahaloness

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Dammit Jim I am an artist not a mathematician!
foto’Mahaloness -fractions in creative spacetime explorations
Also this blog is dedicated to my friends, family and loved ones, and to all my fellow human beings who are living in this lifetime and doing the good work, Mahaloness


think rainbow…20130722-173619.jpg








poor little buddy, wait it isn’t real!




what are you? (and yet another of my bug friends hangs out late night on the mural, all welcome. 20130722-174616.jpg
The sound of a Hawaiian Prince named Kamilo playing the ukelele accompanies me while I am writing this one….it gives me great pleasure to announce my latest mural project is completed, I look forward to sharing the finished product with you. This also means I will be getting back to some more writing and I am very excited to share the latest creative spacetime explorations with you. Mahaloness for now.

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When you love what you do, the hard work doesn’t seem so bad.
fotoMahaloness -moments captured and a rare glimpse of the author of this blog, well kind of…


Foto courtesy Michelle MacDonald


The Lab and a special someone named Agent R made me a sign20130719-125701.jpg

Natural sandbag, well sand dirt grass bag used to secure cut tools on top of the sea container I am currently painting, more on that when the job is complete, lots of fotoMahaloness coming your way featuring cosmic creative explorations20130719-125758.jpg