Month: June 2013

walk home

fotoMahaloness -this is what I saw walking home one day not long ago following the day the sky turned upside down. This blog is dedicated to the weather. my new home time to bring concept into fruition an army of colour

I don’t know

I don’t know how to easily describe the last few days in words. So here is another wordless, well almost… fotoMahaloness – high flow A lone flower survives the high flow Mahaloness to all those who have lived through a natural disaster, Mother Earth’s fury, or any kind of super storm weather related phenomena, humbled.

Up next.

Up next, following a floody mess, I have begun prepping for a community mural, a 40 ft sea container is about to get the Mahaloness treatment. There has been a growing number of communities being hit hard by tags, which is perhaps the results of a lot of frustration and not enough creative outlets in …

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Historical Flood

This painting by Mahaloness is a visualization of floods that took place in Ancient Egyptian times, the flood that myself and many Albertans are experiencing is a reminder that we are as fragile now as we ever have been and instills humility in very proud place.


Mother Nature paid us a visit, 100 year flood, evacuated from my home, thankfully many have reached out, Mahaloness will be taking a bit of a time out. Be safe and well wherever you are. Thank you to all who have helped out, very Mahaloness. fotoMahaloness -images captured prior to the crest of the flood …

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