Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Rainy daze

Floating with clouds, as I drift into maui reverie, ripe mangoes right from the tree, records left behind, built into the matrix of this life, as tides ebb and flow, engraved memories come into mind, daydreaming on a rainy daze made sublime.
fotoMahaloness -maui sublime featuring art built on Maui and in between blinks. (maui explorations 2012)














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There have been those rare moments when life really seemed to let me down, those lonely moments when I forgot I am not alone. What got me through? Perhaps it is that when I have been down, certain people came along at the right time, right place and were messengers that everything was going to be okay, even if they didn’t know it. Perhaps it is the beautiful people who came into and out of my life, some who I cherish, others who I have lost all communication with, life ‘moves on’. Or maybe it is the stories I have been told by the many beautiful humans and otherwise I have met while on my art pilgrimage. The characters, the faces, the people whose hearts are strong, despite any disabilities or life’s ‘circumstances’ placed upon them. There are times when I lament about the mistakes I made, life weighs heavy, as sadness drapes the windows of my mind. Yet when I lose my way, somehow life brings it back on track, and I simply say thank you, even for those moments when it seemed such a struggle. Perhaps this has lent to many a great writing frenzies and painted memories. The road has been long, wondrous all along, the world mostly always completely defragmenting misperceptions learned early on, a real trip, heavens what brought it on!?

-late night entry following the day.

And! Due to today, which is now yesterday, it is time to nominate another Mahaloness Lifetime Achievement Award, it has been a little since the last, it includes folks I have met whose stories humbled and lent to what I at least consider true acts of loving kindness and stewardship of humanity …

And without further adieu this Mahaloness Lifetime Mahaloness Achievement Award (LLMA) goes to Jill, Christian and Agent R! All three! That’s right, in one day!

A special thanks and Mahaloness to Options, In Definite Arts, who are doing the good work, no doubt. And to the City of Calgary, thank you for the space, you made a difference in these folks lives today. On that note it was unfortunate Mayor Nenshi was not in attendance, being that his office is across the street…I am sure he does care about his fellow Calgarians including those living with disabilities, who today humbled me with their presence, and their gratitude and love. It is an honor to be a part of Fest-Ability, the day began with steady rain only to subside and the sun broke through, people came, rain or shine, the music played as bridges were made, friendly beautiful people whose light was there all day. And to the hot dog stand who did lend a refuge, at least for a bit, thank you for your kindness, as water moves under the bridge.
Link to Fest-Ability
link to Fest-Ability

Thank you and Mahaloness

fotoMahaloness -the day
(face painted Agent R, very awesome winged mustache, very Mahaloness)





20130530-001538.jpg (foto above courtesy Fest-Ability, I believe it was Christian who shot it, perhaps Jill, nice foto, rare seeing myself work, caught me in a Mahaloness moment, thank you.)

A mother and her baby ducks on the municipal pond.


Oh my! Looks like more weather on the way…

Lastly, I will post a blog featuring the wheel chair art once it is complete, with an artist intent, and general description of that component of project: Fest-Ability…coming soon.

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Under the weather

fotoMahaloness -project Fest-Ability is nearing the homestretch, the process evolves as I take a wheelchair destined for the dump and give it the Mahaloness. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, lets wait for the weather to pass shall we and meet on the other side somewhere, elsewhere.
Poetry aside it is an honor to be involved in project Fest-Ability, when you think about what’s at stake when government funding is pulled from those who actually require it, I am more than ready to help get that voice seen an heard and thats what this is about. Perhaps we live in a world where the ‘caring for other’ aspect has been tarnished by the difficulties that life brings, or the ‘too busy to care’ button is turned on, it’s a good idea to stop and see whats going on around you, and the best way is on street level, face to face, and right in the face of those who are sworn to sever your’s and mine’s voice.






I sure do love a nice hot steaming cup of coffee, following a good skate.

Note: all the fotos you see on Mahaloness is my art or some kind of document, or records of my art and process. If you like what you see let me know, feedback is always welcome. I do apologise if its a lot to take, Mahaloness is indeed a powerful force and whomever comes across it however that may be my wish is you enjoy what you see and read. To those of you who visit Mahaloness A deep thank you and one love.


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– Maui, specifically Akoni St. In Paia (paa ee ah). These are energy paintings, if I had to classify them, made next to a sugar cane field, on red Earth, adjacent to the volcano, surrounded by Lady Pacifica, on this beautiful planet. Aerosol on beautiful Redwood panels (found wood on site). 2012
-Also considered as my early Mahaloness period

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As above so below (Hermetics)

fotoMahaloness -wheel chair art sanding taping phase as seen from dandelion POV and so on.,

Project Fest-Ability, raising awareness for those with disabilities, lets get started shall we.
he magic happens when I am in flow.
Project Fest-Ability link

Currently, this is what’s up at Mahaloness. I am now into the taping portion of project Fest-Abilty, perhaps not the most exciting stage to the naked eye, it is a time I, as an artist, when I connect with the object I am painting and also begin to see the vision of this particular project, as my instinct kicks in I trust it will lead the way. Ideas born. Mahaloness over and out, stay tuned, more on the way after this special announcement…







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Mahaloness consists of being in service to my fellow humans. Just recently I was given a unique opportunity to paint two wheelchairs in support of the disabled who are facing government cuts to their much needed funding. I have three days to work on this project, and on the final day I will be completing the pieces live at a rally for the disabled scheduled for Wednesday May 29th @ Olympic Plaza, during the daytime, in Calgary, AB for any of my readers here. There will also be an onsite mural being painted and face painting, I will document that for you, automatic. More on this following the weather…
fotoMahaloness -raising awareness for the disabled is no small task, I look forward to seeing how this one turns out! The thing is no matter what, it is a very humbling experience, already I have been introduced to some amazing people such a Brian, see his art work below. Mahaloness




Brian’s Oil Pastel, I purchased this from Brian, who is classified as disabled, at any rate and in art terms his work is brilliant, very strong use of colour and certainly feel like I am starring into a Van Gogh. Mahaloness to Brian.