Month: April 2013

River flow

Creativity gives ‘the anger of it all’ a channel to express and use that energy in a meaningful, purposeful way. -love and compassion Fotomahaloness – processional of creative activity and examples of unexpected discoveries along the way. Creativity enacts freedom. Help support my art here thank you.

River wolf and! Fotofeature ‘grip art’ by hälts

The wolf sits in the forest, silent, watching humans chase each other around in boats. ‘What is this strange dance?’, wonders the wolf. Eagle soars overhead as clouds ripple and swirl forming symbols one into another, after another. The sun rises, new beams reaching her soft skin, Earth mother changing as seasons change, we are …

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Stay on course

Time is ticking ticking ticking Fotomahaloness -do what you love, what makes you tick. Painting collage various mediums, all mahaloness. What are you waiting for. support me please Many lifetimes of mahaloness to you

Clean Rivers

Can we please try and keep our rivers clean. Pollution is no solution. Progress for the sake of progress, bridges built over this gem that we also infect, and do remember there are also other beings whose existence is at stake. Fluffynimbusfoto gallery -EXT. city. A walk on a cold and snow/rain drizzly day through …

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Dark compassion

An excerpt followed by a poem followed by fotos courtesy Mahaloness. ‘Heart anger refers to approaches in which openly expressed anger and compassion consciously and beneficially coexist…Heart-anger is anchored both in full-blooded aliveness and clear caring for the other. As fierce as it sometimes can be, heart-anger is but the emissary of wrathful compassion.’ Spiritual …

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last night INT.

Enter the Night David Starfire Govinda, Jay Michael put on by evovled productions presents What I do is set up creative space in conjunction with the already fluid and creAtive space provided. Last night’s interiors, face and body painting along with good vibrations. My set up is nearly always on ground level, simple, unlike some …

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