Month: February 2013

Minding mind

It is easy for an artist to hide behind a painting. It is not so easy revealing the ‘behind the scenes’. Minding mind…. It appears we live in a society that loves to consume, and when it comes to art and music, there exists a love to borrow/appropriate things for our own purposes. Chances are …

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As above so below. -Vedas You can support Mahaloness by buying original art and prints, its easy and there are some really nice gems available. It is a helpful and healthy way to support my craft. Thank you. click here to view/order original art and prints<;3 -this is my heArt, and inside the studio Wish …

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Studio(s) Fotomahaloness -where the magic happens. To the one I love. Also special shout out to desert dwellers dd link got to paint jam with them, beautiful<;3 and a big mahaloness to evolved productions Calgary evolved link the last image was partially painted during the desert dwellers show, title: ancient newness: history revisioned

Birthday, meteorites and asteroids that speak to all of us

Mother Earth was recently hit by a space traveller turned meteorite in Russia, while similar reports come from Cuba, meanwhile! a gigantic asteroid came within close enough to our little flick of light in a multiverse beyond imaginable minds. And today marks another year past my day of inception into this world, this life, and …

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Fotomahaloness – naturally with blast of green. Thank you Mother Earth. Oh and if anyone out there would like to help get my art up on a billboard in New York go to this link click me Mahaloness

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