Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

Sacred Creative Space


Painting to me consists of a ritualistic practice, one where I enter the designated sacred creative space in a concentrated clear mind focus. The key to good flow is preparation. Having the right tools set out, in the right place, the music, the overall atmosphere is all important. Throughout an an average day, we get up, we eat, shovel the walk, we go to work, we text, we drink coffee or tea, we sit in meetings, we sit at red lights, we walk the pets….you catch my drift, we do a lot of multi tasking. Okay now forget all of this and relax. Take some time to feel where you are at and stick with that feeling. Make that your daily practice, if even for a minute. Practice this and bit by bit you will find that you can focus, you can make the time to be creative. This is key preparation before entering the sacred creative space. Whatever sacred is to you make it so, there is no one right way. I happen to enjoy the act of smudging before practice. I was once gifted a bald eagle feather by a young eagle once upon a time on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, which now functions as part of the smudging ritual I practice before entering the creative process. I set my intentions, and recite any mantras that encourage devotion to my practice and thankfulness for the creative space and the openness to channel creative energy in a productive and healthy way. Three easy steps: breathe, relax and clear the spaces; these are the headspace, heartspace and physical space. The smudge zaps any negative energy from entering the creative space, preserving the sacred and enabling true freedom to express without the rational mind interfering. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, it is a bit of a departure from self expression or drawing solely from the self, and in doing so opening up to the creative energy that is truly abundant in all actuality. Please feel free to expand on the outlet, it is limitless. Through the act of art one can be immersed in the moment to moment, and mark by mark, make something out of nothing, ex nihilo nihil fit.

Currently I am in collaboration with the magical Agent R, and we are in fact taking ‘nothing’ (a white canvas, though that is something..) and turning that ‘nothing’ into something. It is a combination of dreamtime, and the exploration, both cognitive and otherwise, of the ancients, which lately consists of the Egyptians and so called mythological Atlanteans. I am slowly beginning to realize just how much these early civilizations help shape who I am in this lifetime and the role that art plays in my life, not so much a hobby as much as an ancient form of expression, information sharing, and the movement towards utilizing the human brain to its fullest potential.

Inspirational moment…
Even if you make one mark a day, do it. The joy painting is experiencing time melt away and getting in rhythm with your inner creative child that can easily get lost as we grow older, it is always accessible, when you take the time to experience the magic of being you in this widely unexplored universe. Music, painting, drawing, you name the creative process. Now remember that the ‘left brain equals creativity’, is in actuality not entirely true, when you get creative, you are using the whole brain, and thats the magic. I think we are expected to get lazy as we get old, so that we will always rely on others to fill the void, this is an old recipe and thats food for thought.

Fotomahaloness- sacred space and inspirational painting exploration
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Author: hälts

Hi my name is hälts, I am a Canadian artist, geographer, film worker and mostly a human being. I did not grow up thinking I wanted to be an artist, things just kind of fell into place. Art is a special gift humans have developed since inception. Mother Earth is the greatest artist, and who keeps me humble on my path. I mostly paint, and use acrylic with an assortment of brushes and touches, and sometimes watercolour. I am also well rounded with airbrush skills, spray paint, digital art and production, filmmaking, photography and drawing. I make fine art work, small paintings, big paintings, murals, wearable art, functioning art, and art for healing. I go wherever calls. I inspire while also being inspired by this planet, and my fellow beings. Life is a gift, and that's how I treat it. If that's not enough for you, then perhaps someone else can fill your expectation. I have no one to impress, I don't do this to be cool, and I care about this planet as much as Greta Thunberg, thank you very much, and all the life it sustains. I am not pro this person or that person, politically agnostic, I am spiritual, I am happy, I am sad, I am love, I am fear, I am joy, I am sorrow, I am all that humans are. I don't care about celebrities endorsements, and reminder there are many folk out there doing their part for Mother Earth, in their own way long before the current movement, upheaval does not create forever change, it goes in cycles, it always has and it always will, just sit in front the ocean and see it for yourselves. Most of all I just am. Thank you kindly, hälts

4 thoughts on “Sacred Creative Space

  1. Love, love, love your work!

    Judy Maselli Denver, CO

  2. Just beautiful! Much gratitude for sharing and much light to you in the new year!

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