Month: October 2012

Secret Temple

Here in my secret temple do we play into the wee hours of the morning. Though under the weather we are underground in this little den making art, unwavering creativity while being with dreams. The vision is as sweet as cherry wine whilst regenerating peace of mind. The weather. the Weather. The weather underground is …

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Poem #25

Sometimes the road gets tough, faith gets tested and I may not know why. I close my eyes. Scared of what I might find in the darkest regions of my mind. As storms surges and earthquakes stir, Mother Earth reminds us that we belong to her. A mother thinks of her son. A daughter dreams …

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Clear mind

There is a road that leads to the hill that goes up and once there you can see above the clouds that drape the valley. Above the clouds you can see for miles around, three hundred and sixty degrees. With clarity it is easy to see the ebb and flow of the valley below, where …

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I smell an election coming on. The work flow in the studio has shifted once again, the painter of today is up against a formidable beast called flux. The flow at which stuff hits me is relentless, thats life in the new age of a connected globe, it is astonishing when you really think about …

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Wikipedia: Since the Second World War the term “Collaboration” acquired a very negative meaning as referring to persons and groups which help a foreign occupier of their country—due to actual use by people in European countries who worked with and for the Nazi German occupiers. Linguistically, “collaboration” implies more or less equal partners who work …

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