Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Secret Temple

Here in my secret temple do we play into the wee hours of the morning. Though under the weather we are underground in this little den making art, unwavering creativity while being with dreams. The vision is as sweet as cherry wine whilst regenerating peace of mind. The weather. the Weather. The weather underground is calm, peaceful and fine though preparing for what’s to come. The music plays sending chills up spine, sublime.
FotoMahaloness the secret temple, my place of work as play, and sharing space with those of like mind.



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Poem #25

Sometimes the road gets tough, faith gets tested and I may not know why. I close my eyes. Scared of what I might find in the darkest regions of my mind. As storms surges and earthquakes stir, Mother Earth reminds us that we belong to her. A mother thinks of her son. A daughter dreams of being a little girl, a far cry from who she is in a world she has been lost to. A war rages in a mans head as he yells at no one in particular on a busy city street about nothing new. Clouds drift by in a sky that is pale blue. I stop and think of you. If heaven was a place on Earth than it would be with you, from this time forth it’s all for you. (an ongoing poem perhaps a song, to be continued)
FotoMahaloness -Obama 5 in process, ‘Are you a Believer?’ (Obama or who?) a paintamentary on the Obama years and a world in flux.





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Clear mind

There is a road that leads to the hill that goes up and once there you can see above the clouds that drape the valley. Above the clouds you can see for miles around, three hundred and sixty degrees. With clarity it is easy to see the ebb and flow of the valley below, where you once had been.
FotoMahaloness -‘Are you a Believer?’ (a paintamentary on the Obama years.) the last images being the most recent and 5th in this series. It is a unique historically significant and relevant painting though I am thinking of a title change, ‘Who other than Obama shall lead us through?!’ 20121029-211059.jpg20121029-211222.jpg20121029-211431.jpg




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Thought gazillion to the 89th power

No matter how hard you work ‘it’ never seems to want to give. This is where things like music and perhaps the occasional coffee can help out, but than again these are only part of the recipe for what the body, mind and spirit really require to do the good work. Rest is good, so when you see a rest area, go there. Work is good too, especially when what I am really writing about is the work that goes on in the studio, whether that is my own, as I show you in my photos, or any studio out there right now that some amazingly tapped in artist is madly creating as I write this blog. The life of making art can I think be confused with the life of an artist, both of which are real though not necessarily always one and the same. The role of artist is one that can be discussed until the cows come home, let alone what makes art, art. So where does that leave the fact that I am in fact an artist, working on art, and pretty much all the time? Who knows. The fact of the matter is I am not a machine and staying current can really be a sidetrack to staying true. I think maybe what I am getting at here is that to be an artist is many things, to be a human, and a healthy one does seem to be more beneficial to the art than does the classic role of starving, suffering, and angst ridden (though I think being on the edge can be a good thing, and some cynicism can be beneficial, as well as a good sense of humor and understanding tragedy). Call it an epiphany, or perhaps some insight gained from some back and forth between a certain Agent I might know, the role of artist is a complex set of variables and is becoming much more difficult to pin point as time moves forward. The spirit however remains the same, omnipresence, a string that runs throughout the tapestry of life, where magic is abundant, and dreamtime does offer guidance to the waking life and both work together when making art in Mahaloness.
FotoMahaloness art and space









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I smell an election coming on. The work flow in the studio has shifted once again, the painter of today is up against a formidable beast called flux. The flow at which stuff hits me is relentless, thats life in the new age of a connected globe, it is astonishing when you really think about it. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal when I am in the basement studio, focusing on one mark at a time, and that’s one thing I love about painting.
Note: send Love to Earth
A painting called ‘Are you a Believer?’
And the studio of today, busy times indeed.



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Wikipedia: Since the Second World War the term “Collaboration” acquired a very negative meaning as referring to persons and groups which help a foreign occupier of their country—due to actual use by people in European countries who worked with and for the Nazi German occupiers. Linguistically, “collaboration” implies more or less equal partners who work together—which is obviously not the case when one party is an army of occupation and the other are people of the occupied country living under the power of this army.
Reference link:

I am not one to rely heavily on wikipedia as my fountain of knowledge but I have to say after searching the meaning of collaboration I found this part to be very interesting. Since WW2 I think it is safe to say that the word ‘collaboration’ has been gaining credibility again and hopefully the negative aspect of this word, no thanks to the word itself, more having to do with the inability of the Human race to be humane. Yesterday brought major advancement in the positive application of the word ‘collaborate’ as myself and Agent R busted out some vision board work, and what is this ‘vision board’ you ask? Well, it is the act of translating the vision of the mind’s eye through a tangible media outlet, and in the case of Agent R and myself this was in the from of canvas and paint. The day began with a proper meal at Monki, yum! and than off to the studio, a place where magic is an everyday occurrence. Over the course of several hours, and than some, Agent R and myself let it out, creatively that is. The creative act is one of healing, it is the expression of the human spirit and when in unison the fruits are as magnificent as any on Earth. To share in this experience with someone who understands flow, and who shares a similar passion for the creative act, well the feeling that it brings to mind, body and spirit is beyond any words, and so with that said enjoy the pictures, and may this inspire further collaborative explorations.
Fotomahaloness -collabomahaloness and a few collabs from not too distant past.














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Texture (grammatically messy perhaps difficult)

Mundane existence
The everyday
News of tragedy on a cold winters day
No rhyme
No reason
Irrational being
Screaming inside
While the rest remain silent
Though far from a vow
Encapsulated in a vastness of ignorance
Submerged in the deep blue,
Is it not time to break on through?
Darkness sets in
It’s all around me
It envelopes me
Breathing made difficult
No air for my lungs
Cello strings fill my head
Eyes closed
In the deep abyss
Bubbles rising
So do I chase
eventually reaching surface
As I crack the egg
The light pours in
Warmth takes over me
I can breathe again
Air fills my lungs
As fair weather clouds glide effortlessly


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Cobalt teal is now just teal

I have been using Golden fluids for nearly a decade, the first time I used fluids I instantly fell in love. I like to work fast and acrylics tend to dry fast so for me it is a perfect marriage. As I explored the colour palette I discovered Cobalt Teal. It changed my life forever. For the last 8 years Cobalt Teal has been a go to for me, it is a colour that is associated with communication, it is also a colour associated with my Astrological sign, Aquarian, and perhaps this is why I swear by it. It is the colour of a shallow tropical sea, Mexico comes to mind, and it is also a colour of a clear sky. Recently Golden discontinued Cobalt Teal, from what I can tell it is due to the cost associated with mining Cobalt, and subsequently it is too expensive for a company such as Golden to purchase as a pigment for Cobalt Teal. Sadly the new version that Golden came up with, Teal, which is synthetic, and to be perfectly blunt and honest, is a dull version of the original. It lacks the depth that Coablt Teal achieved. From my experience painting large scale murals, anytime you change the hue of a colour the result will be quite evident as the surface area you are applying it to increases, perhaps even exponentially. It may not be as noticeable on a smaller surface but for myself who has used Cobalt Teal extensively the change is noticeable and in my opinion well below satisfactory. My next phase of painting I will have to reconsider my own palette and perhaps this is a sign of change to come, it is also a reminder tha all the beautiful colours in the world come from Mother Earth, and once they are taken are irreplaceable, and that is yet another lesson in consumption I do suppose. As an alternative I might go to a nice jewelry store our outlet and purchase there nicest turquoise, and take it back to the lab, get out a hammer and smash it into little bits and pieces, grind it right down and produce my own pigment, might get expensive and perhaps that is the price to pay for Cobalt Teal, RIP.

Definition break!
co·balt (kbôlt)
n. Symbol Co
A hard, brittle metallic element, found associated with nickel, silver, lead, copper, and iron ores and resembling nickel and iron in appearance. It is used chiefly for magnetic alloys, high-temperature alloys, and in the form of its salts for blue glass and ceramic pigments. Atomic number 27; atomic weight 58.9332; melting point 1,495°C; boiling point 2,900°C; specific gravity 8.9; valence 2, 3. See Table at element.
[German Kobalt, from Middle High German kobolt, variant of kobold, goblin (from silver miners’ belief that cobalt had been placed by goblins who had stolen the silver).]
FotoMahaloness -multifaceted Cobalt Teal, the trunk of my painterly tree, what shall I do!