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Story Shift

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The journey down the river is a story. It is my story to tell and as such I have decided to tell this next
portion from the perspective of a wolf. If I told the story detail by detail it would take me a year. A lot happened in three days of filming at Grand Rapids Wilderness Adventures. I also have multiple stories to tell and have determined that the reality side of things, or at least how we live day to day, the headaches, the heart aches, the trivial, the mundane, there are many ways to describe it, that this is the story that is best left to be taken down stream and never to return. Th story I am going to tell from this point on is the ethereal experience I had there, I do not want to say that those there alongside me are no important to this story, they all are, and I acknowledge each and every person that was present. However I cannot speak for them and as such I am now writing this as a fictional story, perhaps even contemporary folk lore perhaps is better fitting. I think form a storyteller point of view the story takes a new twist by introducing the wolf character, that I have brought into my story from time to time. I will do my best to write on behalf of the wolf, and there were many there with us, so to be clear the wolf I will be writing for is the same wolf who is my totem animal. Just so there is no confusion, I went to a shaman, he put me into a trance like state and we journeyed together and discovered that my spirit animal, my totem animal is a wolf, a lone wolf. The shaman told me to go to places and spend time there, ‘wherever there are wolves go there’, and so I have. To date I have been to locations both in Alberta and British Columbia, and the States, and in every place I did not see the wolf. What is interesting about this is that when I was in those places, I was searching, searching for signs, and signs I did see, yet still no actual wolf. It dawned on me one day, that I am the wolf, and that those places I have explored I was at home, the wolf did not need to show itself, they acknowledged me as one of theirs and we respect one another well. The reality of my river trip will be a 3 minute video for Travel Alberta, the experience for me is mine and no one else’s, to those who were there I thank you for your beautiful, wonderful, presence. The knowledge and wisdom gained is still sinking in. So without any further confusion I would like to proceed, I will leave this entry with a disclaimer.
The characters of this story are from this point forward fictional. I cannot think nor do I know what others think, or what there experience is, I can only wrote from my experience and therefore this is a fictional story. Perhaps if you happen to catch me around a fire I can share some of the background story, for the sake of Mahaloness it is better off that way. Thank you for your understanding and for reading and following the Mahaloness blog, those other bloggers out there I do read and look at your sites when I have time, and to you I say keep up the Mahaloness,the radness, the light, the dark, the storytelling, and anything I have missed.
FotoMahaloness -wolf spirit 12×12 acrylic on wood framed panel, 2012 Athabasca River inspired


Author: hälts

Hi my name is hälts, I am an artist, geographer, filmmaker and mostly a human being. Art is a gift that has been with us for time immortal. Mother Earth is the greatest artist, and who keeps me humble on my path. I consider myself to be a hybrid artist. I make murals, digital art, painting (acrylic and watercolour), filmmaking, photography and drawing. I inspire while also being inspired. Life is a gift, and that's how I treat it. I care about this planet, and all the life it sustains. Thank you kindly, hälts

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