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The dream

And now back to my river adventure, a story told through the eyes of the wolf, and as an added bonus I have also decided to add ‘cuts’ so that I may parallel with now fictional characters who I was there with in real life. If this is confusing its okay, I will do my best to tel lithe story as coherently possible. Mahaloness

I had a dream I was a wolf. When I awoke I was dreaming that I was a man.
The dream…
The one lousy thing about being a lone wolf is a wolf can only survive if it is with a pack. This makes it a lot easier for a wolf to want to follow a group even if they are of a different species. I have found over the years that it increases the likelihood of survival, until that is the day comes when one can find their pack. I can run at up o 30 miles per hour, not that I know how fast that is, I am a wolf remember, all I know is I can cover a lot of ground, though I would like to point out at 30 miles per hour I can only run so far. When I am on the long haul I like to pace myself, it makes for a higher likelihood of covering a lot of ground while always keeping enough energy within for the ‘just in case’ scenario. I begin to follow the boats who are now quite a bit in front, enough so that the forest air once again consumes my nostrils, it is full of smells, fall is here, as the decay replenishes the soil, and the forest canopy slowly begins to reveal its skeleton, there is no such thing as being shy out here, it is survival of the fittest, and nature is as nature does.
Cut to boat
I am sitting on a jet boat looking towards the rivers edge, eyes peeled, I know he is out there, or maybe it’s a her, I can sense the wolf, and I have this feeling it knows I am here.
Flash forward to wolf.
After running and running and than running some more I stop for rest and a drink of water. The humans are fast, chances are I will not see them until the morning dawn. It is unusual for me to travel so much during the day, the night is when I am free to roam, and to hunt. The sun is falling. Guided by my nose and ears I must be on high alert as this territory has its wolf pack, I can smell them everywhere. When I do encounter them there will certainly be no time for an explanation.
Jump Cut ahead in time to Backcountry lodge
I am sleeping after the festivities, in dreamtime, where the story unfolds to a different beat as nighttime winds it’s way forward. In my dream I am running at top speed in a forest. The trees I am passing are a blur, leaving only streaks of light reflected as I dash past them. There is a subtle fog that clings to the forest floor, suddenly it is deafly quiet, not even a stir, not a leaf dropping, no wind, nothing, silence. I look up and the above me are green lights dancing across the sky, I seem to be in rhythm with the lights, they reminds me of something but in dreams it is hard to say what exactly it is. I also see a bright white light, I soon have this sensation that I am not longer in a forest but instead I have entered a portal, a long corridor with a light shining bright at what looks to be some kind of end point. The light is so bright I cannot look at it directly. I look down at the ground, I notice that I am running on what appears to be all fours, but wait a minute…..they don’t look human, what was a human hand now looks to be growing over with course dark hair, as claws break the skin and grow long and sharp. ‘what’s happening!?’ I look up and all around, the world is spinning and as it does I awake. I am sitting in a pool of sweat, though I do not sense fever, a chilled sensation runs up and down my spine, it’s morning, and I can smell coffee brewing, time to get up. I rise and get myself together, coffee it is and what appears to be milk, though I don’t remember milk being in a tapered brown bottle, it tastes sweet, it’s early and I am not exactly a morning person….

Note: so as I had said I am writing the story partially through the eyes of a wolf, I am waiting to hear from the film team, as this adventure which is real, was filmed, though within a entirely different context. I am an artist who submitted to a call about a possibly video being filmed for the Travel Alberta website. The story told here is a subtle variation on the real thing, and why you ask? Well, perhaps because I am an artist, I see the world in a unique way. Sure I will describe some of the moments as close to original as possible, but a lot did happen on the trip, some of which is not so important to the story and for other reasons, mainly personal, I like some I know do not want to be an open book. I think a little imagination is a good thing, it’s how I like to make art in general, I have my reasons, my vision, but I also like offer room for the viewer, the reader…I like to offer them room for there own imagination, it is the beauty of being human and we all have it in us.





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Do what you love

In keeping with Mahaloness, I thought I’d offer up this little thought bubble that came up on my head today. Before I do I also want to acknowledge that there are times when it’s easy to lose perspective, get knocked off your feet and than wonder why for extended periods of time, meanwhile miss windows that invite you back into flow, whatever that may be for you, or you, or you. I often struggle with an inner battle. In one corner, pure creative zeal, an untamed beast that wants nothing less than to make a big creative mess, and completely disregard any kind of repercussions or residual dark matter. In the other side is the artist that wants to survive, to make ends meet, have a home, a family, a pet, and some down time. The battle is always back and forth, the tally to date is 6 KO’s on each side and three technical knock outs, each side, so far no real winner. The rivalry can be fierce, or a total sleeper, the cycle endless, or at least seemingly endless, until the day comes when I can breathe in and breathe out and say nothing, think nothing, just blend in and be one.

I began the day before a paint battle with these words,

‘do what you love, and in doing so the love will shine through.’

As it turns out I have made it into the final round with this piece I painted in 2 hours at a Petroleum Conference on pipelines, a pretty major deal, very controversial, in my neck of the woods, Alberta, and for Canadians in general. Today I had a chance to provide a vision, fairly conceptual it may be, to the Pipeliners, and that’s part doing the good work, even when it’s something you may or not believe in, all I can do is bring it light and see what happens.