Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.









Author: hälts

Hi my name is hälts, I am a Canadian artist, geographer, film worker and mostly a human being. I did not grow up thinking I wanted to be an artist, things just kind of fell into place. Art is a special gift humans have developed since inception. Mother Earth is the greatest artist, and who keeps me humble on my path. I mostly paint, and use acrylic with an assortment of brushes and touches, and sometimes watercolour. I am also well rounded with airbrush skills, spray paint, digital art and production, filmmaking, photography and drawing. I make fine art work, small paintings, big paintings, murals, wearable art, functioning art, and art for healing. I go wherever calls. I inspire while also being inspired by this planet, and my fellow beings. Life is a gift, and that's how I treat it. If that's not enough for you, then perhaps someone else can fill your expectation. I have no one to impress, I don't do this to be cool, and I care about this planet as much as Greta Thunberg, thank you very much, and all the life it sustains. I am not pro this person or that person, politically agnostic, I am spiritual, I am happy, I am sad, I am love, I am fear, I am joy, I am sorrow, I am all that humans are. I don't care about celebrities endorsements, and reminder there are many folk out there doing their part for Mother Earth, in their own way long before the current movement, upheaval does not create forever change, it goes in cycles, it always has and it always will, just sit in front the ocean and see it for yourselves. Most of all I just am. Thank you kindly, hälts

55 thoughts on “Wordless

  1. Trying to find something hide in this images.

  2. Stunning — love that last pic. The clouds are absolutely beautiful!

  3. It feels like I must know you (*_*)?

  4. BTW–it’s the “piano” image that touched me :))

  5. What beautiful and artistic picture.. wooww!! 🙂

  6. You captured so much in photograph of the piano man.

  7. Simply beautiful, I loved the last one!

  8. I’m speechless! Great photos!

  9. Guitar for me… Feel at home with that pic

  10. I like the piano photo a lot, but I’m hopelessly drawn to the sea, so that is where I cast my vote. Gorgeous!

  11. Great idea! Am following …

  12. I feel that this speaks volumes about solitude and the isolation we feel in moments of natural splendour & man made beauty. Or possibly it’s just a load of really cool photos. You decide? 🙂

    • We make the most of where we’re at, the moments here happen everyday, everywhere, every which way, though perhaps not always apparent if we are in some kind of numbed state or caught up in our daily blah blah, these moments were gifts and I was happy to document them and share them here.

  13. Speechless! *’coz I could still find a word to compliment* 😉

  14. Photos like these are the best — not that much physically, but can get through your heart. At least for me and for all the others here, I believe.

  15. Better than words and the silence of being will always be louder than words. Thankyou

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  17. A picture’s worth a thousand words. I think the piano photo is my favorite.

    • A good friend, Stu, I met him on the Big Island Hawaii, he was classically trained and there happened to be a piano at a posh hotel, he sat down and played unannounced, it was a really special moment in time:)

  18. Great images… love them.. 🙂

  19. simply nice.

  20. Wonderful pics! A real talent 🙂

  21. wordless doesnt mean ..without expression isnt it ? 🙂

  22. I liked the first pic most of all, great one 😉

  23. Reblogged this on Bryan Watkins Journal.

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