Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.


Earth loves the ocean

This portrait I completed many moons ago, it was after spending time with Terra, perhaps not her true name, she is a roaming gypsy who also has passion for the ocean, hence Terra submerged in the deep blue, swimming confidently, even though jellyfish are dangerously close, it is her grace that carries her through, unscathed, a lesson I am only myself learning now. Acrylic on 2 panels, I chose two panels because that’s how I was how taught in school to believe, that is nature as it were, is separate to man, through my experience I have come to realize we are all connected, the separation is a mere fraction in spacetime. My own experience in the water, the deep blue, has been one of awe, the feeling of swimming underwater, letting yourself go with the current, and not being freighted by it, instead using it to navigate your way to where it is you want to go. I have to admit that my path on land has not been quite as smooth, so it is funny I dug through my records and found this beauty, it is a timely message, and one I plan to put into practice while I navigate this world, it really isn’t too different than being in the water, it comes with its own currents and flow, it pays to be aware of the current you are in and make adjustments where adjustments need to be made, in an efficient and graceful manner, finding the current with the least resistance and yet invigorating at the same time, a balance, may we all find ours.
Mahalonessfoto -a portrait of Terra, funny that her name is ‘Earth’, I guess its how my brain works, the ocean does cover Earth, and what we put into our oceans we also put into Earth.


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When digital and Mahaloness mix magical things happen. My hopes is to compile some of these gems and publish it as book, either in digital or hard copy. The digital age certainly has changed the way I look at the world, and just when you think you have seen it all, something magical says ‘hello, how are you?!’
Magicmahalonessfoto the subject matter is courtesy of Mother Earth and my art, from the heart.










Once upon a time I ventured to the Sunshine Coast, a magical spot located on the western shores of British Columbia. While there I learned a lot. Nature has a way of doing that, watching bald eagles soar above, riding waves made of air, the ocean lighting up at night with green phosphorescence, an aurora borealis effect in the water, no words really do it justice, it’s magic, plain and simple. While I was there I painted 2 portraits, one was the Westy Mona Lisa, made on driftwood brought in by Lady Pacifica, the other, a portrait of Solange. Solange is the daughter of a close friends, I have had the great pleasure to be part of their lives, and a minute spent with Solange can completely cure one of being an adult. The portrait may not necessarily look exactly like Solange, it does however reflect her essence, and her aura which shines bright, like her name, Solange.
Mahalonessfoto paintings and Lady Pacifica




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A smile away

To Molly,
I realize that you come from a place of love, I do too, I choose to live this life, I don’t want to be anything other than what I am, and I will succeed and I hope your worry will be set free. I am a loving and caring, you raised me and I have also grown and developed who I am, on my own, and perhaps there have been some rough sections, there have, I have good friends around me and that is something great in my life, who see the merit of my work and encourage me to continue and carry on. I have learned very big and rather hard lessons, that have made me stronger, and that I am getting through, it has prepared me for what’s to come, and if I make the same mistakes than it is a choice and one that I can only blame myself for. I know I am naturally gifted, it is a gift that some want and don’t have, and that’s why I share it, because it does make people smile inside and out, and it is going return the hard work I have dedicated to it, and that is something of a good point, my dedication to my craft, my discipline and integrity, and my beautiful mind, which it is, and it is through art that I am able to express and share this, and in doing so I am in service to my fellow man, even if there have been those who took advantage, their karma will catch up to them, my purpose is to be a loving, caring and graceful human being, that is my aim, to be peaceful, and work with masters, which is why I am going to go to Katmandu, so I can work with a master painter and grow and nurture my goodness and let the negative go, it can flow away like a river heading to the ocean, it can fly away with the wind, and I will climb a mountain and I will see where I have been, and where it is I am going, and than I will soar, because the sky is the limit, there is nothing stopping me, there is no can’t, there is only the possible, and turning potential into kinetic, action, and I will, and I will make you so proud, that you will cry tears of joy, and your heart will sing, that’s what life is about, the joy of living, for to conquer fear, I am only a smile away.
FotoMahaloness my art, inspirit, moments in process, and in life… 20120729-125730.jpg20120729-125658.jpg20120729-125958.jpg20120729-130024.jpg20120729-130058.jpg

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Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso, also known as Pablo Picasso.

He can who thinks he can, and he can’t who thinks he can’t. This is an inexorable, indisputable law.
-Pablo Picasso


FotoMahaloness: Pablo as I think of him, a digital mixed media portrait 2012 made by me, Dr. Mahaloness

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Angelic Wave

There is an angel watching over him. When life gets heavy, and wants to beat a good man down, the angel appears to remind him that there is someone looking out for him, even if he’s feelin down, the angel of mercy is with him. Angel, angel, angel won’t you please guide me home, angel, angel, angel, won’t you help me I am feeling alone. There she stands on the wave, fearless, the angel goddess opens here heart, and sings the most delicate soothing song, pulling him out of the solemn deep, he is smiling, peaceful, life’s unexpected luck.
The Angel of Mercy who rides the wave, offering peace and a reminder of our grace. Or Angelic Wave for short. 2012 all rights reserved


Thank you

I just want to say thank you for reading my blog. You are all rad and keep up the radness, it is a beautiful thing! Mahaloness flows through us all, even the rotten apples, for at the root we are love and compassion, if we choose not to cultivate this, even if we cover it up in lies and deceit, the truth always prevails, for even after one is long gone and buried, grass and flowers will grow above.
FotoMahaloness pushing daisies Aztec style (digimahaloness paint sesh 2012, procreate and some magic)



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Love and compassion

No matter what gets thrown at me, I have angels looking out for me. Those moments when I am being tested, I have a mantra, ‘love and compassion’. The simple act protects me against those whose desire is to upset my inner peace. In many years of making art I have faced adversity, even when things appear to be hopeless, I dig deep, hand to my heart, for the warrior is strong in me. Thoughts try to sabotage me, especially when I am in a weakened state, it is important to be resilient and not let the fake take stake, for my heart is my temple, my love unabashed, time is precious, and so must Mahaloness carry on.
FotoMahaloness Tara Moderna painting to digi remix and a bit of Buddhabear and Isis





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Molly’s Garden

Although my parents and I may not see things quite the same, no matter what, I love them and hence this painting, which is a depiction of their home, and my moms garden, eloquently called Molly’s Garden. It is here that I have had the great fortune to spend time, and sit by the lake in the fall, when there is hardly anyone around, and watch the bald eagles as they soar magically by. It is a place where I can sit and meditate, calm mind, so I can carry on, wherever it is I am going. I will most likely make another lake painting one day, when the time comes I will feel it, and go without hesitation.
Thank you Mom for being you, I love you.