Month: July 2012


Once upon a time I ventured to the Sunshine Coast, a magical spot located on the western shores of British Columbia. While there I learned a lot. Nature has a way of doing that, watching bald eagles soar above, riding waves made of air, the ocean lighting up at night with green phosphorescence, an aurora …

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Be like water

This is an ongoing lesson for me, and perhaps for everyone, being like water, flowing, and even if there are obstacles along the way, to effortlessly flow around them, seek the path of least resistance, such a great teacher water is.

Angelic Wave

There is an angel watching over him. When life gets heavy, and wants to beat a good man down, the angel appears to remind him that there is someone looking out for him, even if he’s feelin down, the angel of mercy is with him. Angel, angel, angel won’t you please guide me home, angel, …

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Thank you

I just want to say thank you for reading my blog. You are all rad and keep up the radness, it is a beautiful thing! Mahaloness flows through us all, even the rotten apples, for at the root we are love and compassion, if we choose not to cultivate this, even if we cover it …

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