Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.


Cosmic Creations

Cosmic creations made on Procreate, a great alternative to painting, though I wouldn’t say its a replacement for the real thing. I made the art you see below using a digital paint program for iPad called, Procreate. It is a great tool for any visual artist, from making full on digital art to conceptual design. I love making portraits, and perhaps it is quite fitting than that cyber portraits really do tap the current pulse of western culture. I think it’s time to take it to the next level, I’d like to draw for a graphic novel or something like that. If you like what you see feel free and clear to contact me. Mahaloness Shane
DigiMahaloness respect the heart and the art
This is a work in progress







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The eye of the hurricane

In the eye of the hurricane there is said to be calm. If this is the case than when ever I find myself in the middle of a storm, I would see the things flying all around me, and yet be unaffected by them. Knowing this, will I find myself whirling around with all the debris, like trash in the sea, or will I find the calm in the storm and patiently observe it come and go. If this were the case than I would see the things that are in the storm, and can than properly assess what my course of action might be, rather than be in it, dodging and weaving, and owned by fear. Studies show that if you have a positive outlook that you are able to see things clearer, that the negative is less attracted to you, and that you will be in a calm state. Perhaps that is what art is to me. While I create art I am at peace, even though the world is going on around me, I am at peace.

For may years I feel like I have been an advocate for artists, working hard to get art in peoples view, whether that is on a bus or on a wall, or a canvas. My purpose, to be an ambassador to culture, and warm hearts that have like many of us, faced adversity and serious hardships in their life, and to empower spirit in a world that is not always fair, and not always considerate to ones temple. I often wonder how long I will continue to do the work I do, it has not been an easy ride, even if I make it look easy, and that’s okay, because I know I am in service to humanity, as long as I am in good health and able, I will do my best to carry on. The challenge is to do the good work in a world that chases numbers, or are caught up in the day to day grind, and who love and appreciate art, but find it hard to pay for it because of this or that thing. I guess this has been how its always been, though I could sell my soul, or improve my marketing skills, or hire a middle person, than again I wouldn’t have made some of the art I have. It is not so much about profitability or fame, it is and has always been about the art, from the heart, and perhaps what has been given will come around. Some food for thought as I prepare to move forward into the next.
FotoMahaloness art from the heart paintings and digital verité







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Engraved memories

A comment from Rusty,

I first became acquainted with your spellbinding artwork at Motion Gallery here in Calgary, I really dig this post and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me using a small quote (I was thinking of this one.)

“It happens to the best of us, those moments in our lives when dreams fall, and love fades, when it seems like the world is against us, without any real escape.”

I admire your cultural appreciation and creative process towards understanding the Mahaloness of our earthly human existence through your art, it shows

In creativity, Rusty Kjarvik
Mahaloness Rusty, plase keep up the good work and that goes for everyone out there doing the good work, keep it on the up.

A quick word about a dream
I dreamed I’d be an artist.

Thanks to WordPress I have been able to share a bit of my artistic journey with you, and I can assure you even while writing the last 100 plus entries in the last few months I have experienced some highs and I have experienced some lows. Here today I sit on Maui, preparing to leave for Canada, this being one of my last Maui entries, the very place where the Mahaloness blog was born and where engraved memories have been burned into my psyche, some that bring a smile to my face, while others truly humbling. I can honestly say that my dreams brought me to this place and thanks to some serendipity and a beautiful community made up of some loving individuals, I am here living my dream. I left Calgary some three months ago, I did not really have a plan, all I knew was that I wanted to dive into the ocean, and connect with the A’ina, the mana, and the Aloha spirit. The energy on Maui is like no other place I have experienced. One moment it is heaving, as I am reminded that I sit or stand, or lay, on a shield volcano, that slopes deep into Lady Pacifica. Sometimes Lady Pacifica caresses the shores here, and sometimes she pounds brother Maui, with her waves that only the bravest attempt to ride. Than there are the sunsets and rainbows, the flora and fauna, the women here are beautiful, the men are beautiful, and the children of the land, the Kama’aina, wonderful and bright. I happen to be situated on one of the most isolated places on Earth, a place that is spiritually charged, and whose beauty can take my breath away. Although I want to make clear that I am not breathless, because that would make me into a haole, one who behaves like a foreigner, or mainlander, showing little regard for the local culture, place or spirit. I am from Earth, I love this planet, and I respect the culture, and I work at making sure I do not take this for granted. Maui is seemingly an island paradise, free from worry, a place where one can cruise, without necessarily having any beginning or end point. Time melts here, like a Dali painting, lulling one into a daze, while memories linger. It is while in the daze that one has to be mindful for the island spirit can be intense. The history here is rather violent, battles fought, and thousands killed, all on the name of conquering and gaining territory, never mind the growth spurts that comes with being a volcanic island. It is hard to imagine that even in paradise there are problems, beyond the bliss the hurricane is only a flap of the butterfly’s wing away. There really is few words that describe this place, or the people, they come from all walks of life, some super famous while others infamous. The current is strong here, the energy always present, and this makes for an artists dream. Here I am, wondering what’s next as I make preparations to depart from here, it is a really hard place to leave, especially when, like me, I have only myself to answer to, the lone artist, though never quite alone.
Mahalonessfoto island love and Mahaloness art 20120628-224616.jpg20120628-224641.jpg20120628-224710.jpg20120628-224735.jpg20120628-224604.jpg



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Inspiration and flow cont.

I have been painting for what feels like a lifetime, and when I am painting, or even writing these blogs, I am tapping into the source. The source being the inspiration that I have encountered along the way, each day or night, and in between. I have been fortunate to meet some great folks, who share their stories, and I have been known to translate some of these into painted visions. Perhaps at heart I am a folk artist, or perhaps a spirit painter, I like to think I am a story teller, and a documentarian of wisdom, the kind of wisdom that underlies knowledge, the current and flow of information that we as humans cannot afford to lose. Although there is a spiritual aspect to my work, I also think spiritual experience has its variance amongst the many, and that is why it is a good idea for me to be open while being discerning at the same time. Sometimes it’s just a feel thing, I commit to my gut and heart, this is more or less the ambiguous aspect of my story, and leaves for a lot of uncertainty and reliance on patience and trust, though I am very much a student in this matter, and am constantly working at it. I also have experienced what I call flash visions. Following a flash vision I like to research some of the components of the vision, that is if it is something of this world, and than make notes, doodle and than translate that into a painting. It might seem a little ambiguous, and I know from experience that even the most mundane of activities, or encounters can foster a creative burst, this is the zen way, in that no matter how big or small the encounter, no matter how crazy or calm, the input is always available, and when I tap into a good one, the law of attraction, based on my observations and experience, does seem to correlate with good output and flow. Perhaps this close to being effortless, though in my experience work has always been a rather crucial component, the good work that is.
FotoMahaloness an array of paintings and a tip of the inspirational ice berg.







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Inspirational exploring

Inspirational exploring is always a good ingredient to process and flow. Mother Earth provides plenty of medicine reminding me of how small I am, and how small my personal rumblings are. To connect and root oneself in Earthly splendor is something I recommend to any artist, and or otherwise. Mahaloness is not something privy to me, it is for everyone to tap into, and by doing so I am also connecting with everyone and everything, and that is what makes it so humbling. Life is good.
FotoMahaloness places I have been and things I have seen, inspiration, in spirit.








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Patterns. Patterns in the weave, one string leaving remnants of what was while adding to the what is. Patterns, weather shifting, Mother Nature’s song being rewritten. Patterns, full circle, deja vu. Quantum mechanics, thermo dynamics, so many trying to break on through. Patterns, behavioral manifestations unique to one while contributing to the weave of the veil that covers the all.
Fotomahaloness, exploring patterns in and out.

Side note there are prints available on Saatchi online, where you can order and in 2 weeks you have art at your door, for very good value and lots of love guaranteed
Link to Wolfman







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Factory Girls

Factory Girls, portraits of females who play in motion picture. My original idea was to do a series called paparazzi paint series, where I’d paint celebrities in the moment that they see they have been photographed by paparazzi, I might still do it, so many ideas and seemingly so little time.


‘Fright’ Catherine Deneuve Acrylic and mixed media on panel 2010

‘Hope’ Melanie Doutey French Actress Acrylic and mixed media on panel 2010

‘Famous Blue’ Sienna Miller playing Edie Sedgwick Acrylic and mixed media on panel 2010

‘Pride’ Scarlett Johansson Acrylic and Gold leaf on Canvas 30×20 in. (avail. for sale as painting and print)


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The force is strong in this one

The magic flows strong through this one.
The lifeforce that channels through me can be powerful, and when aligned well, produces humbling magnificent art happenings. My art reflects the human spirit, and the perhaps even the universal. The universal voice, a reflection of humanity, a vision, of past, present, future, the pulse, the defining moment. The subject matter is what I consider the fun part of painting. There is endless possibility. I am able now, at this point in my life, to see that the subject matter is a direct result of my experience, which is why I explore, because it is the ultimate inspiration. I could not of painted Buddhabear without actually encountering a grizzly bear, there is no alternative to bear medicine except by encountering a bear, in the wild, and to do it in style took some serious magic, the flow of that experience is unlike any other I have experienced…okay, well there has been a few others, and only because I have chosen to explore creativity and art to great lengths, and there has been cases where I have pushed the edge of my comfort zones wide open, and this has been a blessing and a nightmare, at times. All for the sake of art, and for what it’s worth, priceless. My work demonstrates my devotion to paint, and many years of working away at it. Writing about it, as I have said before is somewhat counter intuitive, fotoMahaloness says a gazillion words, if there are that many, I really don’t know, and that’s okay too.

Keep it real moment.

Painting as I see it. A ramble or discourse on unconventional wisdom and acting irresponsibly, or turning into a child, for the sake of the document. Case in point Buddhabear.
Link if interested
I do not necessarily advocate my working method, make your method your own, though I will say it helps to practice, and practice and work at it, or not…and whatever else you require for your own modus operandi, what ever that may be….

From purely a technical perspective, I look at painting as sculpture, adding layer after layer of paint, using colours that come forward and those that retreat, shine and matte, textures and splatter, and glazing. This makes up 10% of painting. The remaining 90% is the magic; the inexplicable. I like using various strokes, or marks, which I discovered by using a lot of brushes, and various paint moving devices, and it seems there is no shortage of paint application techniques, I have explored many. Most recently I made my first brush, the hala brush, similar to those used by the ancient Hawaiians, although I tricked mine out with a rather lengthy bamboo shaft, something like the way Bryce Martin paints his abstracts, and as a bonus it works as a fishing rod, or spear. Mahaloness to Jake for the insight. From lots of practice I have learnt to trust my tools, my paint and my technique, it is automatic, and what I know. The remaining 90% of painting of painting is still somewhat of a mystery. I look at it as tapping the flow, and no doubt when I paint in social context, the painting always seems to reflect the energy of the experience, case in point my Paia live street sessions, Shambhala live paint 2011, amongst other geolocational painting I have facilitated. Energy is communicated using wavelengths, each colour I work with has its own frequency and when experienced can evoke different things from one individual to another. The colour travels as wavelength into the eye where it is interpreted and this wherein mystery lies, because colours do different things to different people. For instance it can act as a trigger for a memory, where you associate a memory from the past with a colour. It also evokes emotions, and colours can speak to the heart, where you see a colour, you have a fond memory and your heart warms. This is a very basic example but should give you an idea of what I am writing about here. When I work live, colour is very important, I get a sense for the environment, and as an do I see the colours. It is at this stage that I make marks, and the brush speaks, while I stay calm, and focus on breathing so that I am centered. If I am not centered the work will reflect this, so this is where concentration is key. I also like to paint oscillating ribbons of paint, it is the thread that ties my work together, in style, craftsmanship and story. It also represents frequency and the movement of energy. Without life force and experience, the art falls short, and I am forced to implement logic, and this is ridiculous considering that what I am trying to explain is something that is inexplicable. I would love to say that psychedelics played a role in my work, but I don’t really feel that way, I have been making this style of art for nearly this entire lifetime.
Early abstract, humble beginnings
There is so much we as humans know, or think we know, and it is easy to get lost in that knowledge, and this can create its own confusion, frustration and anxiety. This can enter the physical body, and even more serious our inner temple. The temple is inner temple is scared to me and if my skin is not quite thick enough the implications can be dire. The art I produce requires that I work with a clear mind, and open heart. The information I gather through research can be the catalyst to flow, and is essential to my process. When the information jives with the spirit, I experiencea turbo like sensation, and subsequently the magic, which is the creative process. I spent my twenties and early thirties pursuing knowledge, the great search, yet what was I searching for? I was searching for the experience, I wanted to know what artists before me went through, and what they felt. I was also interested in theory, technique, and any gems that might make my life easier as an artist. What I discovered was not always pleasant, or anything close to glamorous. Take Mark Rothko, or any of the New York abstract artists of the 50’s. These artists faced some hard times. I can only imagine what post WW2 must of felt like, and how it shaped the human psyche, all I know is that it was an exciting time for creative exploration and human expression. It was not always pretty, it was a thought provoking, the colours were often muted, though high contrast was there, black and white. Franz Kafka, Pollack, Rothko, Gorske, Picasso, all did it. Almost all of the artists that interested me when I really got into painting, which was rather late in life, 27, happen to be new immigrants to the States, easy street was not in their vocabulary. To add salt to the wounds, a large percentage of the artists I researched experienced tragic endings, even though some reached a bit of fame and fortune, it was depressing. I took this to heart and early on I felt it was necessary to struggle and put myself into disheveled states to produce work that actually meant something, that was moving and therefore art! I was mainly an abstract artist when I began, abstract expressionism, though a naive one at that, I had no idea what I was creating they just came out of me. War, seen in FotoMahaloness is the red, black and white abstract, it is a good example of that period of work. After several years of working this way, I soon became depressed, even though I had achieved some success, a gallery show here, and a painting sold there, it was a method doomed to fail, or at least destroy my well being. Looking back I was simply trying to understand, which proved to be an exercise in futility. So, I did what anyone would do when faced with such a dismal outlook, I seeked counsel, in the form of a therapist…..and also decided it was time to rediscover the child inside, and what I realized was the child never went away. Instead of making myself feel lousy, I went back to the feeling of being a kid. I had to, the galleries didn’t want me, my family didn’t really want me around, in my grumpy state, and my friends were a little concerned, and to be honest I lost some good friendships in those years, I was the quintessential bummed out, depressed, suffering artist. I also began to learn about meditation, I sat with my feelings and emotions, and I observed them. I practiced as many meditations as I could, some came form you tube, some from books, while some came from teachers I met, here and there. Meditation takes the pressure off, it is a nice lift to the day, and to the process. It centers me and I often experience visions while sitting that I like to later translate through paint, drawing or digital media. As we grow old fear seems to take a hold and what once amazed, can evoke panic. If there is one thing art is good for, it is connecting with the child within, calming the panic, if you let it, and if you think you can’t make art, than looking at a painting is the next best thing, and perhaps thats why I am here, and all the amazing painters that are out there, in the known universe, you all know who you are. The adult part of art is refining technique, and perhaps subject matter. Keeping it fresh and new takes some gumption, and rediscovering your inner child possibly the secret to great art, real art, actualized. I think this is a good start, and an I do hope these ramblings are at all interesting, and that the reader can find something of interest. I will share as much as I can when I can, for now, be well, and may the creative flow be with you.

Paintings, drawings,and the last foto the hala brush in action! And one of my early works, a brown and black abstract with drippy enamel and some blues and reds and early hints of cobalt teal.
You can find my original art on Saatchi online where you can also order prints, I will be adding more art to that site soon, and I have a couple other things brewing…
Link to the Shaman for reading all the way down. Mahaloness