Month: June 2012

Cosmic Creations

Cosmic creations made on Procreate, a great alternative to painting, though I wouldn’t say its a replacement for the real thing. I made the art you see below using a digital paint program for iPad called, Procreate. It is a great tool for any visual artist, from making full on digital art to conceptual design. …

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Patterns. Patterns in the weave, one string leaving remnants of what was while adding to the what is. Patterns, weather shifting, Mother Nature’s song being rewritten. Patterns, full circle, deja vu. Quantum mechanics, thermo dynamics, so many trying to break on through. Patterns, behavioral manifestations unique to one while contributing to the weave of the …

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Factory Girls

Factory Girls, portraits of females who play in motion picture. My original idea was to do a series called paparazzi paint series, where I’d paint celebrities in the moment that they see they have been photographed by paparazzi, I might still do it, so many ideas and seemingly so little time. Mahalonesspaint ‘Fright’ Catherine Deneuve …

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Mahaloness eye

Mahaloness eye. The eye of love. 12×24 Acrylic on canvas A litte Mahaloness form me to you. More stuff to come, a bit of a bio piece in the works, and I have an itching to do a locational Mahaloness live paint, hmmmmm.

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