Month: May 2012


I like to paint eyes. The eyes are the threshold between the inside and outside world. What goes on behind the eyes is the mystery and what unfolds in front of the eyes is the illusion. When looking into eyes it has been said that I am peering into one’s soul, and perhaps this is …

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I wouldn’t be where I am if it were not for fellowship. And like a glyphis shark, fellowship is a rare thing. Whenever I am traveling, making art, fellowship can be a life line, and as I have learned an acquired experience. I can remember one experience when I travelled from Vancouver to an Earthdance …

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One inch goat

Similar to the one inch punch, made famous by Bruce Lee, the one inch goat is perhaps not for everyone, it consists of sparring with a wild goat and concentrated hand eye coordination. This is not about harming the goat, or yourself, it is connecting with nature. In the case of the goat, they tend …

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Overhead clouds. Solar eclipse and the journey continues, conviction my mantra, as in an unshakable belief in something without the need for proof or evidence, sovereign reinstated, freedom to be me amongst kindred spirits. Where ever you are do it, and do it well. Mahaloness Fotocloudsolar

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