Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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Be you to the full

Living has led me to a life full of Mahaloness. The journey has been one of ups and downs, and making it to this moment is a testament to my stamina, endurance and resiliency. The friends I have met along the way have also been a crucial component to the formula of living the Mahaloness. While I enjoy my space, that time when I can sit a breathe, no talking, where the mind can relax from the everyday day stress, to be in the company of good people, or perhaps to surround oneself with beautiful company, is a lovely and I must admit a part of my life I do not always make time for. In the right place and the right time magic happens, and the universe opens up and welcomes you in to the greatest live theatre that humbles the human in me every time. Being where I am at the moment the magic is beyond words, and having had my share of the conventional conduits, like a discotheque, or a dark dingy bar, it is nice to know that the unconventional stage can be set too, such as a parking lot in a sleepy town with 4 wonderful folks reciting Herman Hesse, Journey to the East, on the tailgate of a small red truck, and realizing just how much I do love life and the journey, and to share the journey with kindred spirit is what is really all about. I also enjoy the fact I can share this with you, although I do admit that I have sworn some secrecy to the magic of the league I have been privy to, it is not so important who the league is or what they do, I only share my own experience and bits of magic from the journey in hopes to bring light to the world, especially amongst the dire stories I hear or read about, there is no shortage of this, no my friends I am here to share the light, and by putting this into writing it is also a reflection of my integrity and willingness to bring the goodness and let go of the past, never forgetting, instead it is important that I remember even the darkest of moments so that I do not have to learn those lessons again and surely appreciate even more the time that remains. I am sure it can be agreed upon that we as humans have made for interesting times and despite history we still find ourselves facing the indomitable and what appears to be insurmountable wall of understanding that we are all one, and yet we are so uniquely different, which lends itself to the mystery that curiosity loves to find. Until the next be you to the full. Aloha
Drawing morphs to painting, I decided to paint a painting on a rendering, which was for a development showcasing beautiful ocean lots for sale, haha, I call it ‘mystical reclamation’ and some more fotomagica of this beautiful planet we share. It is my hope, my dream we learn to live with it instead go against it, stewardship versus desecration.











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Humanity wills Mahaloness

We are here together, doing what we do, choosing to be radness, to be in flow, sustain, maintain and grow. When the stress of life tries to get you down, remember you are the composer, you create the song, you create the scenario, it’s just you. Now like music, the song you compose will attract what it attracts, and if you will a good song than good will shall come to you. Without being analytical, we can most likely agree that we are all good at, thinking that is, and when I say good, I mean we are good at making thoughts out of nothing that become something and that is the composition, and how it sounds is completely up to you. So with this I go for paint does call my name, and time being a precious thing it is time to make the most.
Doodles for future paint.
Morphopaintology meaning paintings that I remixed digitally, paintings are Wolfman and the Tara Moderna, a modern variation of the Tibetan Tara figure, more on this later on, I painted her recently on a 30×30 in gifted canvas, acrylic 2012 version
If you are going to use my images please contact me and ask me if you don’t mind, that’s cool.

When we forgot to be respectful to one another the goodness disappears, honour your brother and sister, even a simple thank you can go a long way, it is fellowship and respect for each other that will carry us through.
create evolution, one that instills kindness, caring and love.






How’s my blogging?

I may not drive a car but I do blog, so with this in mind please remind yourself I am a visual artist, writing and blogging are new to me, relatively new that is, I am no Hemmingway, or HST, but I am dedicated, and in some ways a man possessed, which has its own inherent challenges…what I am trying to convey is that this blog is superfluous, although there are some gems in there, unfortunately for me writing doesn’t always flow like paint does. I also would like to note that I wholeheartedly do not want to explain my paintings, this has nothing to do with you, the reader, it is something I am working on, day to day. To confuse you even more, l am able to explain the work, it does come from somewhere, but if I told you, you probably wouldn’t believe me unless that is if I was doing a live talk and you and I were there, which is clearly not the case because you are there and I am here. This is okay, I will continue to post, for those onboard, thank you, for those new to the scene, welcome, and please forgive me for my ineptitude with words, I think I might be dyslexic, and that’s oaky. I am the author of Mahaloness, and I am okay with that. Being that this is a fairly linked community, and that interconnectedness is the real deal, I Mahaloness will do my best to post the most Mahaloness I can, meaning I will promote positive vibrations and inspire to be inspired and continue on this path, maintaining the good work, and giving thanks to all those who help me be here, and to extend that back accordingly and in gratitude. We live in an interesting times, so much going on, and for what it’s worth, I am happy to be here, part of it, and hopefully by doing what I consider the good work, which is sharing my art and experience, that it benefits your time as well as mine. To all the good folks doing the good work, whether it is Alex or Allyson Grey, Autumn Skye, Aude Ray, Adham Shaikh, Blue Lunar Monkey, Beatfarmer, Jake, Jim, Mike, Molly, Nicole, Anna, Francisco Goya, Willy Nelson, Oprah, Ram Das, Laura, Tara, Michelle, Romio Shrestha, the Dalia Lama, MCA, Shane, Halla Halla, Hana Kyle, Tyler HVW8, Austin at, Caroline Weaver, Riley Tease, Carl White, it goes on and on and on, keep up the good work, it is essential you do, vital, and is beautiful in every which way. It is easy to get caught up in the unpleasantness that life can bring, it is human, it is also beautiful to be human, here and now and with all of you, Mahaloness.
FotoMahaloness paintings
Breath of Life, 12 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas (available as original or print)
Hope 24 x 24 Acrylic and mixed media on panel -private collection
The early years, an abstract, my first abstract made when I was around 20
An evolution in style




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A road leads to a rainbow

A road leads to a rainbow. And! Sighted, a Mahaloness painting takes a rest leaning against a hydrant. This just in, word on the street is Mahaloness sneakers are a hit! There’s more love to come to all you lovelies, and if you are need of some Mahaloness let me know I’ll see what I can do. Keep up the good work, even when it isn’t so easy, keep doing it well.
Photomahaloness the art never stops because the love never stops.




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staying true

Staying true to the artist way is the hardest thing especially when dealing with the critics and those who think they lead the way. My only advice is stay true to you and let the other stuff be as it may, it’s not always easy and that’s the price to be paid.
Foto Mahaloness: Recent art made from building materials and scrap, transformed into new meaningful artwork, reflection of the spirit of Akoni and Paia, Maui. The paintings were made during peak spirit hours, 9 pm til 5 am, similar to the spirit drawings of the late William Blake. The drawings made at a coffee shop in true Bohemian style. With the exception of the drawings it is interesting to note that my style has changed quite radically from 6 months ago, I have been using aerosol, found pens on ground, and stencils that I doodled and than cut with a razor knife, made in a backyard, between the ocean, Lady Pacifica, and the cane fields that take up so much real estate on Maui, the trippy thing is that if it wasn’t the cane fields, it would most likely be a development of condos and malls, what a fascinatingly strange world we live in! It is in this zone that the restless spirits of Maui travel, and if you are in a weak state can cause misery. Who knows who they are, it really depends on what you know, and how you see history.







Mahaloness Sneaks

Mahaloness on your feet, imagine that, imagine a world without dreams, or the imagination of the child, imagine if grown ups ran this place and imagine how strange and unimaginative it would be. Imagine sending the grown ups who run the planet to the moon, where they can build giant golf courses and never hit a ball so long in their unimaginable lives. At any rate it’s a good day to dream of such things, and perhaps the grown ups will follow through and move to space where they can rule the galaxy, and let Earth be what it is, a planet for a bunch of awesome rad living things to co mingle and chill, or dance, or whatever your rad imagination can visualize. The Mahaloness sneaker project is about imagination, chill, and putting stride back into the step, wherever you be and where that may take you. I love to transform old objects and give them new life, it increases the value of the item as the owner learns to appreciate the newness, ancient newness comes to mind, that’s just how my mind works, when It is on flow. When I flip out I lose flow and control and flop shall I do. AS YOU MAY NOTICE MY GRAMMAR IS QUESTIONABLE, that’s okay, I am practicing daily to master the craft, it might take me a little while, I MIT be dyslexic, so please be patient, maybe put on some vinyl, reggae sounds good, or kick it to some down tempo, or even the ukelele, always a dream. If you like the shoes send me your shoes and I’ll paint them, if you dig than you will, 250 and up depending on the shoe, it’s up to you, or you can paint your own shoes, that’s fun too, haha. Look left… Rainbow. Shoots.








Atypical Artist

When I began making art all I really knew was that I had verve for being creative. I knew that I had a good eye for things, and however you want to interpret that, that is for you, and you only. I do not consider myself a typical artist. I am my own artist, and in some ways this make me a trailblazer. The subject matter comes from life experience, and I have plenty of life experience to go on. I am a hard worker, so rarely does a day go by when I do not produce, whether it is a drawing, a doodle, an temporary installation, a mural, a photograph, or a painting. It all comes from my wild imagination and the belief that spirits channel though me when I am in flow. I have to admit this is quite often difficult to write about and even more difficult to market when it is my imagination that I am selling. I also work with energy, and from time to time I find myself in very strange environments, rarely locked away in a studio, I prefer to put myself out into situations and see what comes up. I am unconventional in every which way, and often my work is misinterpreted, though well liked none the less. I am a stubborn artist, I rarely like to compromise my style of work, especially if it is commercial work or a commission, which makes me difficult to work with if the person who is asking me to do something for them does not appreciate the vision I bring, or is closed to the possibility. This can present its own set of challenges and throughout my career I have met most with success, and a few that turned sour. The ones that did not work out so picture perfect can diminish the work, if I let it. Only I know the countless hours and the expertise I have gained from working with certain mediums and medias, and the knowledge base I have independently developed by working at it. Over the years I have developed my style, while also being fortunate enough to have met and worked with great teachers. What is interesting to me is that now I can see how the different techniques have come together, and no matter what the subject matter is, the style carries though. The art world loves me, the art world hates me, because they love my art, but turn there back on me when I challenge them, they are not so open to change, and that’s okay, its a story that can be retold in situations outside of the art world, and will probably never really change. I never thought that choosing the artist way would be easy, and certainly it has not been a cake walk, it has been ups and downs, moments of celebration and moments of desperation. It has made for an interesting life, and one that I am forever grateful for. At times it has made me hard, and even angry, these moments churn the fire and although it can be difficult for those around me, it is part of who I am, and in my experience I have had to fight for what I believe in and that has not always been met with glowing colours. This said, I have no regrets, even if I have said out loud I do, in my heart I know what I am doing is what feels right, despite what economics, or reality would rather suggest. I am not so sure what the future holds, currently I know I am facing a storm. I know from experience that while in storms new ideas are born, and if channeled well I can make breakthroughs as long as I can mind the mental warfare that wants me to stop. If I did stop would it matter? I don’t know, that is no for me to determine, it is the artist way to be in service and continue the work because as you may or may not know that is what we are in it for, to make art, whatever else happens outside of me is not in my control. Experience has taught me that when I try to control the outside all the good work can be lost and the light can turn to dark. I think a lot of artists I studies early on can attest to that, it’s important to remind myself that I am light, I will do what whatever I have to to create work no matter what, channeling spirit, tapping into flow, working from my heart and being mindfully aware that I really do not know.









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The wolf is my spirit totem animal. When I am traveling, no matter where I find myself, the wolf is with me, by my side, and when I am in tune with the wolf I am in line with nature. Ever since I can remember I have exhibited wolf like tendencies, I even have wolf like features and so when I encountered a shaman several years ago he picked up on my totem sprit and provided me with insight to take with me and explore. So I did. Now there are many ways one can learn about their totem animal. For instance you can google it, you can read books, or watch movies, and trust me I sank my teeth into as much as I could. I also went out into the wilderness and had some incredible moments, I never actually saw a wolf, until it dawned on me I was the wolf. The shaman also made it very clear to me I am a lone wolf, and that’s when I had this incredible epiphany, where I saw my whole life flash before me and came to a realization. I have often been called a black sheep in my family and when I discovered my totem I had a self actualization of my behavioral tendencies that for so many years I had fought with, and in some cases even hurt myself, or my family, in attempts to fight the very thing I am, how crazy was I, which is funny because I get called ‘crazy’ all the time, or my favorite ‘madman’. Looking back now a lot things make sense and I feel as I continue living I am embracing my totem, and subsequently I am finding packs to be with, where I feel at home with and can let the wolf out without being judged or shot at, metaphorically. If you didn’t know, wolves have historically been not very well liked by humans, they are considered to be dangerous, nuisances, and a pest. They have been hunted and in a lot of cases to the brink of extinction. It is a very misunderstand animal and has taken the brunt of human ignorance. An interesting note is that it is said that Ghengis Khan studied wolf packs and developed strategy based on his observations. There is a great book out there called ‘Wolf Totem’ by Jiang Rong that tells the story of the wolf packs and the interactions with humans in Mongolia, a great read for anyone interested.
It is tricky writing about my paintings because of just how in depth I am willing to go to research and get the content that gives a painting that special something, that in my opinion is missing from the bulk of the art I have seen. This is not to say that there is bad art out there, or that my art is better, I am saying that I go to great lengths to make sure I make great art, and that I can back with my life experience. Half the stories I tell people are not quite sure what’s real and what’s not, trust me it’s all real, it’s a charmed life I am living as for as long as it happens I will make art that reflects the experience. Art school, books, films, music… It’s all good, if you want to produce and make impacts you have to be willing to let that all go and go deep, go far into your own soul, follow your heart, be aware of your mind and what you think you know versus what you actually know, while doing it well without reverting to the old cliche habits of the artist way, ie. booze, drugs, and all the other stuff that has held back artists from fulfilling their greatest work. I am not an advocate for any behaviour that negatively impacts the art or most importantly me. I am for any experience that will charge the art and where there is energy that can be channeled. The painting below called ‘Wolfman’ is a self portrait I made last year after epic adventures in British Columbia, at festivals and in nature. I was blessed to have some choice encounters with various power animals that were medicine and whose spirit I was able to channel into my work. I employed all of my techniques of painting that I have spent the last ten years developing, so if you think this stuff comes out overnight you are seriously kidding yourself, this stuff takes time, patience, resiliency, endurance, stamina and will, there is no way around it, drugs won’t do it, nothing will except by doing it and sticking to it. The style of the painting is quintessential ‘halts’, my nickname and did come out easily only because I had all the tools I needed to make it work, without wasting time finding the right materials and all of the logistics of painting, if there is one thing I think makes or breaks a painting it is the knowledge of the media and medium you use, it is one thing to trust in magic and happy accidents, it is another thing to do it and know that it came out of you because of the mastery of your tools, and I am close to that, because I spent the time doing it, if that doesn’t matter to you, that’s cool, it does to me, and it shows both in the work and the impacts it has on those who view it. Mahaloness until the next…
Ps the painting was recently purchased by an art patron, Dave Rack, a good man and the aka to Dave’s radness I have been fortunate to continue on the artists path and he owns a great painting a beautiful thing indeed!