Month: May 2012

staying true

Staying true to the artist way is the hardest thing especially when dealing with the critics and those who think they lead the way. My only advice is stay true to you and let the other stuff be as it may, it’s not always easy and that’s the price to be paid. Foto Mahaloness: Recent …

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Mahaloness Sneaks

Mahaloness on your feet, imagine that, imagine a world without dreams, or the imagination of the child, imagine if grown ups ran this place and imagine how strange and unimaginative it would be. Imagine sending the grown ups who run the planet to the moon, where they can build giant golf courses and never hit …

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Paia 4th Friday

Paia 4th Friday, Mahaloness through and through as a sidewalk sandwiched by a Bank of Hawaii building and a real estate shop, both closed, redefining space, vibrant culture, sending good vibrations and saving grace. Beautiful.

Rainbow yo

The magic of rainbows will never grow old, refraction of light, that sounds very scientific, what about a bunch of people thought about a rainbow in synchronistic fashion and voila a rainbow, what a beautifully wonderful world it is.


The wolf is my spirit totem animal. When I am traveling, no matter where I find myself, the wolf is with me, by my side, and when I am in tune with the wolf I am in line with nature. Ever since I can remember I have exhibited wolf like tendencies, I even have wolf …

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