Contemporary artist specializing in full spectrum painting, mural, animation and digital hybrid art.

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The dharma wheel

Sitting in Cafe Mambo, sipping on Kona, fresh vision in mind, napkin, pen, drawing, and an idea blossoms. The good work is work that is essential to our well being, it is work, it is play, it is ongoing no time to waste. Karmic work, the Mahaloness spreads. This is not the art world, this has nothing to do with fame and fortune, it is about the good work, compassion and working with your gift. The gift is whatever it is, doing what you love and loving what takes place, sharing and planting seeds of goodness. Being thankful, taking action, getting in flow, without hesitation, discerning, and letting momentum build, the dharma wheel spins.




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Dancing Mahaloness equals yum

The Mahaloness equation just keeps growing, and what would the world be without dancing? It is a gateway to creative flow when inside process and out. When outside process dancing is a great way To let it go, let the DJ with the disco ball cape offer a channel, dimension, and with clear mind, let loose, lead follow side by side and embrace the moment with all your heart. You can dance walk, walk down a street and add some dance steps, solo dance, dance with people, dance with your cat, let it go and enjoy a dance, it is a meditation, cathartic activation. Be a tree dancing with the wind, swaying and let the energy carry all thoughts away.The tree of Mahaloness is deep, roots into the subterranean, trunk reaching high to the sky, leaves breathing, all at once grounded and connected to the sky. Dancing is like a stick person it has been around since the beginning of this thing we call time. If you forget to dance you forget to be human, and in the opinion of this author if you forget to be human, you forget your inner light, your lighthouse for the world around you, and will find yourself alone. Just remember that the Mahaloness is always going to be your friend, by your side, inside, outside.
Foto: Pregnant succulent, at the most giving point of her life, the little ones can be seen those the offspring, and so she may thrive. A Lilikoi, yum, and a picture says a thousand words. Mahaloness





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Paia 4th Friday Mahaloness

I could faintly hear Picasso whisper, “go to the corner of Akoni and Baldwin, set an easel up by the bull and go kid, go!” So I did.
Foto: easel built by Jim, worlds largest easel ever seen in Paia, and holding what look to be small paintings, larger than life they required a solid foundation. Mahaloness weightless yet heavy when Painted. Powered by light that no light made in a real world can handle, light outwards reflecting the environment all around. Thank you Paia! Thank you Earth!




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Built in, and the the practice of impermanence continues on…

Like a cloud passing overhead, or a bird singing on a wire, the common thread is that they came and they went, impermanence is the flow, there is no holding onto flow, you can ride the flow for a while, and when the timing feels right you get of the wave aware that the next waves are coming. This is the story of life, and in the case of the built in protective deity painting, that was once a vibrant melody of pink, cobalt teal, reds, oranges and yellow, a new layer forms, a white wash, faint remnants lingering, and soon that too will pass. The work is always working, the flow is always flowing. Chances are this painting will last the test of time, and perhaps one day be rediscovered, and what will the reaction be, one begins to wonder. The song ends and a new song begins, and with that song a new idea blooms, while engraved memories linger on in solitude, beneath the layers beaming without seeing, it is a feeling, you could walk to this wall and touch it and feel it, this might be an interesting experiment to see if someone could feel it and than translate that feeling into a drawing and see what comes out, will it be close to the image that is beneath, I really don’t know, and that is a beautiful thought, it lets the mystery be mystery, the magic is only magic if left undiscovered, if left to be and linger. Reality transformed into mythology. An interesting extension to this story is that while I was working on studies of the mural at the very same time in different points of the globe similar stories were being told, and that is to me a positive step in the right direction, it is a universal voice that is there available to us all the the time, all of a sudden we are in world that is a whole, and as long as the universal is speaking this suggests that we are on the right track.
Foto: the built in protective Deity, with some recent work that I will write about soon, and the white wash coat, time to ride off this one, paddle out and and be ready for the next one. Mahaloness


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Automatic. Derived from the Greek word automatos, aut and matos, which is close to self acting. Wholly or predominately involuntarily, meaning doing without rhyme or reason, acting spontaneously, just doing it, and not thinking about it. It is associated with non idiomatic improvisation of free jazz, automatism in art or “Pure psychic automatism” defined by André Breton, surrealism. Within the surrealist approach to painting the artist is expressing the subconscious, not necessarily the spirit channeling, or at least according to wikiwhatever, when I researched the automatism movement wiki suggests Salvador Dali and Joan Miro as examples, makes me wonder whoever wrote those entries, if they have ever stood in front of either one of those artists works? In the tiny and perhaps insignificant opinion of this author both, Miro and Dali, were tapping into spirit, perhaps than automatism could use an update, feel free to go ahead with that, automatic. When you brush your teeth you use toothpaste, automatic. When you receive something from someone you say ‘thank you’, automatic. When you are on a bicycle you peddle, automatic. When you drink water it is the vessel that you drink from, automatic. These are basic versions of automatic. Do you drive stick or do you drive automatic. Automatic is an old word that has such amazing potential yet is also a main contributor to laziness, and even far more disconcerting, speeding things up. The age of automatic, of things just being automatic makes me wonder if that is something that is replacing gratitude and making some effort to be here, to give back instead it is as if everything is automatic. One of the automatic responses I get when a someone finds out I am artist, they say, ‘and you make money from that?’, I say ‘automatic’. Perhaps the point of this entry is to shine some light on basic human actions that are the farthest thing from automatic, the self acting part, the part that is unconditional, without judgement or agenda, it is the act of Mahaloness that seems to be the closest thing to the origins of the word automatic. Now! Automatic, lets add to the the idea of flow, flow being something I have written about before, flow comes in and flow goes out, there is high flow and low flow, when high flow occurs ideas may not come into fruition right away because there is a lot of intake, when flow is low it is perhaps less exciting and if you let it pass by it might be a while before it comes back. So to my fellow beings, tap into the flow, do not be discouraged when it is low, and when it is high ride it, keeping mind in patience and let things come out when they are ready, otherwise you are disconnecting with the heart and will be the farthest thing form Mahaloness, you will be a miserable person living in a miserable world with nothing to do except complain and if you find these words to be harsh, trust me they are from a place of love and compassion, because it is love and compassion that makes beneficial contributions to this place we live, planet Earth, making sure that the dark forces that are here to destroy and hurt, in check. This author wishes to see a world of Mahaloness, one word, one stroke of paint at a time, and that means even when the shit is flying, when all hope seems lost, Mahaloness will be there, automatic. Primitive automatic. Love



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This is a video of my first solo show, Souplspace, it took place way back in 2006, hard to imagine it has been that long, it was a pinnacle point in my life, I had not painted since high school, I doodled and not once painted, not even house painting! I happened to run into a good friend who saw my sketches and said I should talk to a new gallery that was opening up. Nine months later I did my first gallery solo exhibition, it sounds so formal, it was an unnerving experience, my first real taste of the art world. Once again the video is called Souplspace, it set the tone for my early career, I hope you like it. Mahaloness


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Imagine a world without Mahaloness

Imagine a world without Mahaloness, maybe the world would stop spinning, maybe war would be all we know, maybe the civil right movement wouldn’t have happened, maybe the oceans would be dead, imagine, imagine a world where there is no art, imagine no home, no freedom, can you imagine? Imagine a world where there was no such thing as Ghandi, Mother Theresa or Nelson Mandela. Imagine a world without Willy Nelson, Jack Keruac or Elkhart Tolle. Its hard to imagine this, difficult to fathom. It would be a cold world, no love, no joy. Mahaloness might just be a catchy word, an idea, or perhaps it is the best thing to come along since sliced bread, I don’t know, because it is not for me to know, or understand, it is as I have mentioned before unspoken, it channels through people, through oceans and on land. It is every animal, blade of grass and blue in the sky. It is a rainbow, a sun shower, a hug that gets you by. If you happen to reading this, I would like to remind you of your radness, your love, your heart. Mahaloness is not a privilege of the few, it is open to all including me and you. So lift those spirits, be well my fellow beings, and may the Mahalonessn be with you. A little secret, Mahaloness is flow, if you are finding it difficult to do whatever it is you truly want to do, or you feel stuck, let down, or are blue, remind yourself that you are Mahaloness and flow will come to you. pow!
Fotografica: my crude yet sophisticated studio set up, surrounded by centipedes, scorpions, birds, praying mantas, monarch butterflies, rainbows, volcano, sugarcane fields swaying with the wind, pueo, mangoes and construction of dreams. It is where the action goes down into the early morning, under a gazillion stars, channeling creative spirit, where heart sings and the magic unfolds.